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These nuggets below are from mining activities since our last post. Miners research the documents we have provided in the link below, as well as other relevant information they might find, and then send to us for posting so that smithies can drop in and pick up what they need to develop new, cutting-edge articles, stories, videos, etc.

We have not vetted any of these items for relevancy or truth. This is the job of other miners and smithies to help us determine if any of these stories, links, and leads are valid.

Research Tools for Digital Truth Sleuths

Stay focused. The goal right now is to dismantle the shadow government in D.C.


It is still utterly dumbfounding that the Senate approved Friedrich as a DC federal judge even though she has not publish even one article or commentary on ANYTHING in her career.

Even more dumbfounding that the DC District Chief Judge Merrick B. Garland, assigned this newbie to the important Trump matter.

AFI. (Mar. 16, 2016). Obama nominates Spy State consiglieri to replace Justice Scalia. Americans for Innovation.


Judge Garland




Serco appears to be a subcontracting Ponzi scheme that enables massive skimming of bribes down line.

Serco awarded a $1b contract

Subcontracts to X, skims $100m

Subcontracts to Y, skims $100m

Subcontracts to Z, skims $100m

Subcontracts to AAA, skims $100m

Subcontracts to BBB, skims $100m

Subcontracts to CCC, does some work with the $500m left, but probably subcontracts to 20 others, who skim another $499,999,990

Funds provided to micro finance an ant farm for $10.

In other words, Serco does very little work and is primarily a global corporate system for moving dirty money all over the planet.

Serco’s [AU]paper trailer raises accountability questions

Crikey has taken a closer look at the extent that Serco contracts outsources to other companies and can reveal that millions of dollars from the detention contract has ended up in some startling places.

Nov. 01, 2010

“The paper trail shows how the tender process allows private companies to further outsource, limiting the abilities of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship to scrutinise the fulfilment of their contracts.”




Serco Federal Contracts Summary (Sep. 30, 2005 to May 01, 2018)

5,000 contracts totaling $6,183,388,063.

Serco Inc. (Accessed May 11, 2018). All Prime Federal Agency Contracts between Sep. 30, 2005 to May 01, 2018. USAspending. (Summary: 5,000 contracts totaling $6,183,388,063).


Serco contracts with the Department of State (2011-2015)

Serco Inc. (Accessed May 11, 2018). Department of State (DOS) prime contracts between Dec. 29, 2011 and Dec. 28, 2015. USAspending. (Summary: 4 contracts totaling $172,331,880).




We note that the American Inns of Court Professional Creed pledges to the Rule of Law, not the U.S. Constitution.


“opportunity to continue supporting the Inn movement”

Hmm. Thought that was called the U.S. Constitution.


The Mission and Vision of the American Inns of Court –does not mention the U.S. Constitution!


American Inns of Court

Main article: American Inns of Court

From the late 1970s, U.S. Chief Justice Warren Burger led a movement to create Inns of Court in the United States, loosely modelled after the traditional English Inns. In 1985, he and others established the American Inns of Court Foundation to promote and formally charter local Inns of Court across the United States. Each local Inn is devoted to promoting professionalism, civility, ethics, and legal skills amongst the American bench and bar, in a collegial setting, through continuing education and mentoring.[11]

Inns of Court

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


For the American legal organization, see American Inns of Court.

Inns of Court

Combined arms of the four Inns of Court. Clockwise from top left: Lincoln’s Inn, Middle Temple, Gray’s Inn, Inner Temple.

The Inns of Court in London are the professional associations for barristers in England and Wales. All barristers must belong to one such association.[1][2] They have supervisory and disciplinary functions over their members. The Inns also provide libraries, dining facilities and professional accommodation. Each also has a church or chapel attached to it and is a self-contained precinct where barristers traditionally train and practise, although growth in the legal profession, together with a desire to practise from more modern accommodations, caused many barristers’ chambers to move outside the precincts of the Inns of Court in the late 20th century.


Temple Bar Scholarships in the American Inns of Court

Temple Bar

The Temple Bar Foundation was created in 1991 by the Right Honorable Lord Denning of Whitchurch, former Master of the Rolls, and Chief Justice of the United States Warren E. Burger to strengthen ties between leading members of the English and American bars and to advocate greater attention to the professional ethical standards those establishments share.

What is the Temple Bar?

The Temple Bar is a great arched stone gate, designed by Sir Christopher Wren, which once stood as an entrance to central London. The area surrounding the Temple Bar was where guilds of lawyers organized into what would become the four English Inns of Court. This same area is now considered “Legal London.” The archway stood in place until 1878, when modern traffic forced its removal to the countryside. It is the last of the original gates to London to remain standing. The Temple Bar gate was returned to the City of London and opened to the public in November 2004. It now serves as an entrance to Paternoster Square just north of one of Wren’s other great achievements, Saint Paul’s Cathedral

Temple Bar Program Highlights

The scholarship is from October 1 through October 26, 2018.

First week highlights:

  • Attend the ceremonial opening of the legal year at Westminster Abbey
  • Attend a welcome reception held at the Old Hall, Lincoln’s Inn
  • Visit the four Inns of Court
  • Meet with preeminent leaders of the English bench and bar

Other highlights:

  • “Shadow” a barrister and observe and discuss English trial practice
  • Spend time with a justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom
  • Observe appellate arguments
  • Discuss legal issues with the country’s highest judges

How are Temple Bar Scholars selected?

The three principal selection criteria for Temple Bar Scholars® are:

  • High academic achievement in law school
  • Experience as a law clerk for a judge or justice of a leading appellate court, including the Supreme Court of the United States
  • Demonstrated interest in international law issues



Hunter biden

R. Hunter Biden. (Accessed May 11, 2018). Biography. Oldaker, Biden, Belair LLP. Archive.org.


Oldaker Biden represented CGI Federal Inc. (company awarded the first Obamacare contract) in Serco Inc. v. United States which was a lawyer feeding frenzy that completely gutted the GSA’s contract bid evaluation program named Alliant GWAC that evaluates contracts up to $50 billion.  Cost, price and past performance.

Opinion, Doc. No. 174. (Mar. 05, 2008). Serco Inc. et al v. United States et al, 81 Fed. Cl. 463 (Fed. Cl. 2008), 07-cv-00691 (Fed. Cl. 2008). Playing on both sides of this Deep State ball were CGI Federal Inc.; STG, Inc.; Artel, Inc.; Advanced Technology Systems Inc.; Apptis Inc.; Nortel Government Solutions, Inc.;The Centech Group, Inc.; Indus Corporation; Electronic Data Systems Corporation (EDS); International Business Machintes Corporation (IBM); Stanley Associates, Inc.; General Dynamics One Source, LLC; Petrillo Powell LLP; Oldaker Biden LLP; Pompano Murray LLP; Piliero Mazza PLLC; Greenberg Traurig LLP; Martin Associates LLP; Crowell Moring LLP; Barton Baker LLP; Jenner Block LLP; McManus Schor LLP; McMahon Welch LLP; Asmar Schor LLP.

https://www.fbcoverup.com/docs/library/2008-03-05-OPINION-Doc-No-174-Serco-Inc-v-United-States-81-Fed- Cl-463-Fed-Cl-2008-07-cv-00691-FMA.pdf


Steven KempfCited extensively in the case, ostensibly arguing against any change of the GSA contract evaluation rating system was:

Steven J. Kempf. (Jul. 10, 2010). Biography. Commissioner, Federal Acquisitions Service, Senior Executive Service (SES). GSA.

At the time Kempf’s GSA title was SSET chair (Source Selection Evaluation Team).

Kempf is a member of the Senior Executive Service (SES).


Kempf GSA biography:

Kempf 1

Kempf was SES FEMA, Director of Region II, Plum Book 1992, PDF p. 156.

Kempf 2

Kempf was SES FEMA, Administrator of Region II, Plum Book 2008, PDF p. 90.

Kempf 3

Kempf’s evident reward for the Serco v. USA decision that completely scrambled the GSA acquisition criteria for PAST PERFORMANCE, COST AND PRICE.

Steven J. Kempf. (Jul. 10, 2010). Biography. Commissioner, Federal Acquisitions Service, Senior Executive Service (SES). GSA.

kempf 6.jpg

Timeline notes:

Sep. 06, 2006Serco Inc. awarded $288,273,510 contract to manage the Patent Office

Mar. 05, 2008 – The Serco v. USA decision where Kempf facilitated the GSA competition requirements to be scrambled re. past performance criteria.

Mar. 12, 2008SI International Inc. issued its last 10-K annual report

Dec. 29, 2008Serco Group Plc (UK) purchases SI International Inc.

Jul. 01, 2013Serco awarded $1,301,548,861 Obamacare website management contract by HHS.

Mar. 01, 2017Serco awarded $344,239,400 by USPTO contract awarded to manage the Patent Office (thru 02/28/2027)

Between Nov. 28, 2007 and Nov. 20, 2015 Serco has been awarded 477 prime contracts totalling $41,264,717 by the Office of Personnel Management (Senior Executive Service (SES)) that = 60 contracts per year.

Between Aug. 14, 2006 and Apr. 01, 2018 Serco has been awarded 4,342 prime contracts totaling $4,081,736,700 by the Department of Defense (Senior Executive Service (SES)) that = 362 contracts per year.

Curiously, little SI International Inc. is given a prominent mention in the Serco v. USA decision. Opinion, Doc. No. 174. (Mar. 05, 2008). Serco Inc. et al v. United States et al, 81 Fed. Cl. 463 (Fed. Cl. 2008), 07-cv-00691 (Fed. Cl. 2008), p. 56.

Kempf 5


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