Miner Finds Point to Treason 6-3-18

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These nuggets below are from mining activities since our last post. Miners research the documents we have provided in the link below, as well as other relevant information they might find, and then send to us for posting so that smithies can drop in and pick up what they need to develop new, cutting-edge articles, stories, videos, etc.

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Just discovered a new Pattie Cake group not previously discovered (as I keep working to push out this post!!!!!@)

Caroline Flynn-McLeod, her partner in crime, worked at the US Embassy in London…. for USAID !!!!! There’s the direct tie to the SES, DoD, DOS, DHS, etc.

First Defence was started on Apr. 15, 2002


The Brits never let us go…


Geoffrey PattieFirst Defence. (Apr. 15, 2002). First Defence Reception by Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie, Founder and President, Caroline Flynn-MacLeod, Director, Mark Prisk MP, Parliamentary Chairman, Nick Watts, Policy Director, accessed Wayback Machine on Jun. 02, 2018. Wayback Machine.


Caroline Flynn-MacLeod (The Wicked Witch)


Mark Prisk (against before he was for Brexit!)

Mark Prisk.jpg

Nick Watts (now in population control and carbon credits) https://youtu.be/gp4Pj9o2b84

NIck Watts


Nicholas Soames OBE (now Serco Chairman Feb. 04, 2014) spoke at a Sir Geoffrey’s First Defence gathering Oct. 6, 2004.  Probably vetting him out for the Serco chairmanship for the Privy Council…. Ten years later, on Feb. 04, 2014.

It is clear from the First Defence events that Sir Geoffrey had free reign of the government buildings, Parliament, and the military establishment. He sometimes even had meetings a House of Lords meeting rooms in Westminster.

Nicholas Soames. (Oct. 06, 2004). Speech on Action on Defence and Security at the Conservative Party fringe meeting at the Annual Conference 2004 sponsored by EADS, hosted by First Defence. Wayback Machine.


Fringe meeting 1


Fringe meeting 2

Sir Geoffrey TWICE (as he did Nicholas Soames) hosted Bush/Clinton CIA man Jack Caravelli. Aka, another wizened individual.

Caravelli was surely SES, my bet his name is not shown in the Plum Book, but his title will be. His bio here says he was CIA.



The First time in the House of Commons!

Resurgent Russia 1

Resurgent Russia 2


Had to add First Defence and a new footnote with the relationships that defunct website uncovered!

It appears there are some SES people in the speakers list. That list will ONLY include people who are speaking his agenda, which appears to be where they steering the eugenics and Internet of Things agenda.

No one will be able to do business with these people and companies again once this is known.

The conflicts of interest this reveals will render any lack of disclosure of these conflicts before getting a contract as FRAUD.




Sir Geoffrey defines Gold Digger. This find was very useful to the story.

I shows that US officials were playing along, like we thought.

Sir Geoffrey had the run of Westminster, most of his speaker locations were at the House of Parliament meeting rooms.


Encourage readers to repost the PDF file on other website so web crawlers will pick it up.

It is thoroughly indexed and will start popping up in conflicts checks for ANY name in the file!



Treason! Incoming!

Cambridge Security Initiative LLP, Co. No. OC399111. (Mar. 28, 2015). Certificate of Incorporation and other records. Companies House.


Online. (Accessed May 24, 2018), The Cambridge Security Initiative. CSi. (Sir Richard Dearlove, Professor Stefan Halper).


p. 1

Cambridge Security

p. 2

Cambridge Security 2

Judicially-recognizable proof that Stefan Halper is officially, on paper, partnered with a foreign spy and infiltrating the U.S. to attempt to change an election, while simultaneously being paid over $1m to push propaganda and mind control in the US.

Stefan Halper. (May 18, 2018). Vendor Profile DUNS No. 78459148. GovTribe.

[1163] Stefan Halper. (Aug. 15, 2014). $24.5M Future Space War Game Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) by the Department of Defense Office of Net Assessment (Andrew W. Marshall), BAA No. FHQ0034-ONA-13-BAA-0001. GovTribe.

[1164] Stefan Halper. May 29, 2012). $197.6K Department of Defense Office of Net Assessment (Andrew W. Marshall), Contract No. HQ00341C0039. GovTribe.

[1165] Stefan Halper. (Jul. 29, 2014). $204K Department of Defense Office of Net Assessment (Andrew W. Marshall), Contract No. HQ003414C0076. GovTribe.

[1166] Stefan Halper. (Sep. 25, 2015). $244.9K Department of Defense Office of Net Assessment (Andrew W. Marshall), Contract No. HQ003415C0100. GovTribe.

[1167] Stefan Halper. (Sep. 27, 2016). $411.5K Department of Defense Office of Net Assessment (Andrew W. Marshall), Contract No. HQ003416P0148. GovTribe.




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