Miner Finds 6-12-18

American Intelligence Media research teams are divided into geologists, miners, smithies, and jewelers.

American Intelligence Media Organizes Cyber Research Teams

These nuggets below are from mining activities since our last post. Miners research the documents we have provided in the link below, as well as other relevant information they might find, and then send to us for posting so that smithies can drop in and pick up what they need to develop new, cutting-edge articles, stories, videos, etc.

Research Tools for Digital Truth Sleuths


Geoffrey PattieBeware colleagues of Warlord Sir Geoffrey Edwin Pattie overseeing “ethics.”

(Note: They are grabbing control of CRYPTO CURRENCY, as we speak.)

These are the guys who are directing the globalist banks out of TheCityOfLondonUK. (READ: Honorary titles from the Queen are a license to rape, pillage, plunder and murder anywhere on the planet—and the Yanks are too stupid to realize that they are our private intelligence and army. Thank you SES.)

Institute of Business Ethics (UK)(IBE). (May 19, 2016). Institute of Business Ethics [UK] welcomes New Advisory Council members incl. Sir David Alan Walker. Press release IBE Institute of Business Ethics. See also https://www.ibe.org.uk/userassets/pressreleases/ibenewac2016.pdf

Pattie and Walker.JPGInstitute of Business Ethics

Sir David Alan “busy boy” Walker (numerous Google listings) 





This guy never had time to do a bit of real work. Look at what he is overseeing now. Crypto

Britain’s (Sir Geoffrey’s, Bank of England, London Stock Exchange, Barclays, Morgan Stanley, TheCityUK & BAE’s (British Aerospace) favourite Chairman?

1939 (Dec 31) Born

1961-1966 HM Treasury, primate secretary to permanent secretary

1963 married Isobel Cooper (one sone, two daughters

1969-1977 International Monetary Fund (IMF, Washington, D.C.), secondment

1973-1977 HM Treasury, assistant secretary

1974-1977 HM Treasury, assistant secretary

1977-1981 Bank of England, chief of economic intelligence

1981-1993 Bank of England, director

1984-1994 Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB), later National Power, director

1985-1988 Johnson Matthey Bankers (Mniories Finance), chairman

1986-1988 Old Cestrefeldians’ Society (pedo reunion machine? Google has blocked correlative searches)

1986-1993 London Stock Exchange, Financial Markets Group, chairman, steering committee

1987-1989 Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB), director

1988-1992 Council of Lloyd’s, member

1988-1992 Securities and Investments Board (SIB), now Financial Services Authority (FSA), management

1988-1992 Securities and Investments Board, chairman

1988-1993 Court of the Bank of England, member

1989 Queens’ College, Cambridge, MA

1989-1995 Bank of England, executive director

1991 (Mar 26) Knight Bachelor, knighthood

1992 LMX Spiral (London Market Excess of Loss), chairman

1992-1994 Lloyds TSB, deputy chairman

1992-1994 Lloyds Bank, deputy chairman

1993- Group of Thirty (Washington, D.C.), member, treasurer, trustee

1993-1994 Agricultural Mortgage Corporation, president

1993-1997 British Invisibles (International Financial Services London, TheCityUK), director

1993-1999 Henley Management College, chairman

1994 (Sep 22) – 1999 Intellectual Property Institute (Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie)

1994-1997 Morgan Stanley International, director, chairman, CEO

1994-2000 Morgan Stanley Group (Europe), later Morgan Stanley Dean Witter (Europe)

1994-2000 Reuters Holdings, Reuters Venture Capital, director

1995-2011 Community Links, East End charity

1995-2000 Morgan Stanley International, chairman

1995-2001 Morgan Stanley International, chairman

1997-2000 Morgan Stanley Dean Witter

1999- RVC [Russian Venture Company] Greenhouse Fund

2000-2007 Moroccan British Business Council, member

2000-2004 (Jun) London Investment Bankers’ Association, chairman

2002 University of Exeter, honorary LLD

2002- Cicely Saunders Foundation (George Soros investor), trustee

2002-2004 Legal & General Assurance Co., vice chairman

2005- University of Cambridge 800th Anniversary Campaign chairman

2005- Morgan Stanley International, senior advisor

2007- UK private equity, ethics commissioner

2008 Lord Woolf, former Chief Justice, committee investigation on BAE Plc corruption, member

2009 (Feb 09) Government banks governance inquiry, director

2012 (Aug 09) – 2015 Barclays Bank, chairman

2015 (Jul 01) Winton Capital Group (Goldman Sachs-controlled), chairman

2015 (Dec) SETL (blockchain, Credit Agricole, CIB), chairman

2016 (May 19) Institute of Business Ethics (IBE)

(Note: Bloomberg misinforms the public with lead biographical information for a different David Walker (misidentified as Sir David A. Walker) associated with ABSG Consulting Inc. Further, it mixes the resumes of these two different David Walkers in the same resume.)


BOard of GovernorsShepperdNIcholsonPrivy CounsellorsDavid Walker 2Walker 2Walker 2

READ: Directors can do whatever the hell they want:

Walker 4Walker 5

Sir David’s man:

HoffmanWalker 6Walker 7Walker 8

Read: We don’t have to tell you what we are doing:

Walker 9.JPGWalker 10.JPGWalker 11Ross 1Lord BrennanWLR fundswalker 12.JPGRoss 2

NBNK Investments Plc., Co. No. 07303316. (Jul. 02, 2010). Certificate of Incorporation and other records. Companies House.


Ross signatureNBNK investmentWalker and WalkerWilbur RossRoss 3HSBCBlackrock 5

Facebook IPO participants:


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