Why Trump is Funding the White Helmets – At Least for Now

The article below was posted on Zero Hedge on June 14, 2018. After reading it, please see what Douglas had to say about it. See what ZH is not telling you.

US Officially Resumes Funding For The White Helmets In Syria

Douglas writes: People are complaining about Trump approving USAID giving more money to the “White Helmets” (Syrian Civil Defense) recently. First, Obama gave untold millions to the White Helmets. Trump stopped all payments to the White Helmet during a complete review of the processes of the corrupt USAID in 2017.

USAID uses Chemonics and Mayday Rescue as the managers of the $128 million that USAID gave to the overall project for Syrian relief, Syrian Regional Aid. Britain, Holland, Denmark, Germany and Turkey also donated to this fund and some of the money trickles down to the White Helmets.

Syrian is the fifth largest recipient of funds from the U. S. State Department’s USAID. Chemonics put in the grant request and doles out the money to numerous subsidiaries and thus the White Helmets get their money – about ¼ of the money Chemonics manages from the USAID for Syrian relief.

Trump has recently complained loudly about the corrupt USAID and the way the money is disbursed through a rigged system. But aid to Syria is crucial after all the bombing we have done there to destroy the Syrian infrastructure. Without U. S. aid to Syria, the country could completely collapse. Trump does not want more destruction, famine, and death in Syria so he must continue to support a very corrupt system that he has already taken actions to restructure so that the overt corruption comes to an end.

Until the evidence is conclusive that the White Helmets are fake and support ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Syria, I believe we are stuck with Chemonics having the power to fund the White Helmets as part of the rigged structure of USAID.

Another article that explains the companies behind the companies that receive the USAID that pays the Syrian Civil Defense (White Helmets)

Reality Check: Who’s Funding the White Helmets?

We have previously written about USAID and OPIC in the two articles below – all of which will need to be defunded as expeditiously as possible. We feel confident that POTUS is aware of this massive corruption.

Hop on Board the OPIC – USAID Corporate Gravy Train. Operated by Senior Executive Service. Fueled by U.S. Taxpayers



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