Help a Democrat #Walkaway

We had already planned that July would be Democrats for Trump Awareness Month at the American Intelligence Media. We started dropping our teasers into Truth News Headlines in early June. Over the last few weeks the momentum has grown so much, so fast, that the movement has caught up with us.

Let’s continue growing this movement, patriots. We have a big tent and all MAGA patriots are welcomed to join the party.

This month please give extra attention to welcoming your circle of influence to join the #Walkaway movement. Read below the excitement we are seeing for this grassroots campaign.

Do your part. Make a meme. Record a fun song and send it in to us for posting. Host a neighborhood BBQ and invite a Democrat and discuss things that you can agree on – like safety, jobs, low-crime, even lower taxes.

Let us know what you are doing so that we can make July the biggest month yet for increasing the Trump MAGA base.

walkaway is for real

Convert posts:

Guys– you wouldn’t believe what’s happening on Twitter. It’s like everything has reached critical Mass this week: the hashtag #walkaway is exploding! People who are registered Dems walking away from the insanity of the left! You gotta go read these: many of them are African American and Hispanic, many women, many who were even what you would call activists and volunteers in the party, walking away! from the crazy! It’s amazing!

Sofia walkaway


No communism.JPG


Amazing insight into the last 4 days on the #WalkAwaymovement. Over half a Million mentions on Social media. What I found even more amazing was the fact that those mentions are spreading to over 2 BILLION PEOPLE !! This is not a small thing.

— David Eliason (@deliason12) June 28, 2018


Wollery tweet


#WalkAway – Lifelong Democrat, voted for Obama 2x. Election 2016 was an eye opener to the lying, angry, controlling, vicious left.The more I researched, the more I found to discredit them. I realized I had been duped all those years. I am a #FreeThinker

— Robin M. Wayman (@RobinMWayman921) June 28, 2018


PArscale MAGA


When I realized 1) how subtly bigoted the democrats were in pushing “identity politics” & 2) that the GOP is actually more inclusive towards all minorities and free thought, I had to #WalkAway

— Gabe Levin (@GabeLevin37) June 28, 2018


Democrats – Somebody That I Used To Know #WalkAway


Dana Wefer


Here is another fun insight. Where are these conversations happening??? Mainly in the coastal States! Look at the center of the country? Nothing…..They already get it. Love Social listening tools that give these pure insights. Unbiased. Just the numbers

— David Eliason (@deliason12) June 28, 2018


Democrats for Trump Awareness Month




Detroit walkaway


Big Tent small



4 thoughts on “Help a Democrat #Walkaway”

    1. Fine with me we are all Americans 1st🇺🇸 #MAGA 2020 all !!! And as I stated in prior Posts I was a Republican but I cannot stand my own party either! Expect for our POTUS💯❤️🇺🇸☝🏼


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