Queen Elizabeth II Rigs Elections Worldwide

Queen Elizabeth II rigs U.S. elections with George Soros. Listen to Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben explain how this works. You will be astonished and outraged that the British Empire and George Soros have corrupted voting machines around the world, including in the United States.

For patriots that want to learn more, make sure to see the headline links below the video for even more red pills.

Queen Elizabeth II Rigs Elections Worldwide


Indictable Evidence: Foreign Interference in US Elections Since 2005


Bipartisan Chain of Custody Act


EXPOSED: All the Queen’s Agents and Corporations that Control the World


Obama-Clinton-Schmidt-Zuckerberg Election Rigging Failed


members on privy council

Privy Council. (Accessed Jun. 29, 2018). Privy Council Members. Privy Council.org.uk. (Raw *.xlsx file).



8 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth II Rigs Elections Worldwide”

  1. solution repeated: invite lizzie and all her crony, coward, criminal, greedy swiss octogon pharao templar parasites, (and don’t forget the satanist pedovores [pope & co. jesuits] nor the f!@#$%^& scheming, manipulating, lying, stealing, murdering, cannibal, racist, nazi slimeshit j-o-o-z) for the party @ UN, now just detonate the pre-placed nuclear charges/bombs underneath the UN building for the demolition, like WT7 & the other 2 WT’s. NONE of these viper/adder-blood-line genes must remain on earth !!!!! Holocaust them all before they do it to you/us. . f@#$% “political correctness” TRUTH will set you free (& kill off these vermin) compliments of all inhabitants, animals & plants of the world !!!!! ALL arse-FLIES IN ONE SWAT! (very economical)

  2. Now is the time to heal. If you have fallen out with someone over the past few years over political differences; or if you have pushed someone away from you because of their opinions, now is the time to realize that it wasn’t their fault, and the were tricked. Don’t school them anymore, just forgive so America can start to heal… Or, get ready for a Civil War.

    1. agreed we’ve all been lied too!
      This year was a real wake-up I think to us all , when my old Party we’re very Hateful of POTUS something really stunk bad so Voted Trump,Glad I did especially after what happened with the Bernie voters .
      I really felt bad but it wasnt just them it was all of the Parties all flocking together. We’ve all been duped!! #Americans1st🇺🇸 Welcome to all ❤️🇺🇸☝🏼

  3. Who’s left? Prince William , relative of Jacob Rothschild, and AntiChrist ruler of the World and he controls SERCO and the Moslems whose Mahdi he says he is. He has to go ! Martin

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