Is the Public Ready for Military Tribunals?

Below are headlines and videos of a few odd events that seem related to us. We are speculating and connecting dots where perhaps there are none, but without a rigorous and honest media to follow these people and their activities, we are left on our own to decipher what we see.

What do you think about these headlines and videos? Do you think the swamp knows that citizens are aware of their crimes against the United States government? .

Lindsey Graham and Huma Abedin – Odd Moment at McCain Funeral

Watch the video above from the McCain funeral where Huma Abedin rushes by Henry Kissinger like he was a useless dirt bag, headed straight to Lindsay Graham where she whispers in his ear while Gen. Mattis keeps a watch on them from a distance.

What if the urgent message Huma needed to convey from Hillary Clinton to Senator Graham was that he needed to ask Brett Kavanaugh questions about military tribunals in the Senate’s open hearing? Does Hillary need the swamp to hear his answer?

Hillary hangingAre the slimy creatures in the swamp getting nervous about all of their crimes being exposed, while, at the same time, their predictive linguistics (think Clif High and his use of this technique for himself and his clients) indicate that the prevailing phrase being used in the internet now is military tribunals!?

Does Hillary need the swamp to know how Kavanaugh will rule on military tribunals for citizens who are domestic enemies? If this is the case, we may see some senators who were going to vote “yes” switch their vote to “no” on Kavanaugh’s appointment.

See Grahams’s questioning of Kavanaugh here. (Sorry for the Qanon garbage on the clip.) Other than that, the media creator did a nice job presenting this information. As you may recall, the original video we had posted on Truth News Headlines was taken off YouTube by Big Brother.


Military Tribunals Coming For The Wicked


What Keeps James Mattis Awake at Night?


Hillary Clinton fights Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation from the outside


We the People Make Official Charges of 28 Counts of Treason

Educate and enlighten your circle of influence about military tribunals with these pass-around fliers:

Military Tribunals Call to Action

People’s Indictment

The People Respond to the Coup





7 thoughts on “Is the Public Ready for Military Tribunals?”

    1. Do you’re saying the Justice Department is working for Trump? Idts. If indeed there are 50,000 unsealed indictments they are likely for the Deplorables. Are you sure you not watching to much Q?

      1. Ron Spence – I do NOT listen to “Q”. I long ago decided Q presented a great deal of disinformation. I listen to American Intelligence Media and post their reports on a daily basis. The 50,000 unsealed indictments for swamp monsters, located in Washington D.C., as well as Hollywood, Sanctuary cities, media, and even foreign actors who have been involved in a decades-long attempt to take down America. The “deplorables” are the American people who support Trump wholeheartedly. I did not vote for him, but I now support his efforts as well as the Patriots who encouraged him to run for President. Together, we are MAGA.

      2. I was curious as to your logic as we see the DOJ has absolutely no allegiances to Trump especially the leadership? How did he manage to get these indictments. As you may know even the chicanery of the Bundy ranch trial these cretins still remain employed. Myhre, Aahmed and Navarro

  1. Was getting worried about you, no Truth News headlines this morning. I haven’t been getting Emails for them in weeks and have to go directly to the site. Glad to see you’re ok.
    My thoughts, the Deep State will start a civil war as soon as the first arrests are made. Citing Trump as a dictator taking over the Government by force, that was also alluded to in the Kavanaugh hearings by Booker and others. The media will start such a frenzy, as well as All his adversaries in the Government. They have already painted this picture of him and now the Anonymous NYT article is fueling the resistance.
    Trump must corral the media platforms before arrests are made, to avoid a complete breakdown of society.

  2. Time to start playing the Toby Keith song Beer For My Horses! …Justice is the one thing you should always find…saddle up your boys and draw a hard line…

  3. Kavanagh was confirmed before Abedin and Graham interaction. Statement by Graham on tribunals already made,

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