Solution to End Social Media and MSM Propaganda


All hands on deck.

We could use help getting this one page flier to change agents in DC – whether it is your congressional representatives, senators, and/or WH officials.

We are getting sick and tired of the propaganda media and the continuing harassment from social media platforms of independent voices.

We have put this link in a tiny url for tweeting and a PDF for printing and mailing. Please fan this out to your circle of influence. Let’s be a united voice for the Restoration of the Republic. Here is a real solution that we can get behind.

Call and Solution for an Immediate Alternative to Propaganda Media

Contact the White House here.

It’s Time to Storm the Swamp


Word version of the flier that you can use if you wish to personalize the flier:


Dear _____ , I have been a shareholder since 2000 in Leader Technologies, which is headquartered in Columbus. OH. [Substitute the first sentence with an appropriate opening that describes your interest in these matters.]  Leader’s CEO Michael McKibben had rebuilt AT&T’s email system in the mid-1990’s, then he set out to solve Internet collaboration problems, and invented what we now call social networking.

To cut a very long story short, Mike went to Washington, D.C. to find an intellectual property attorney and hired law professor James P. Chandler, III.  Dr. Chandler is the author of the Economic Espionage Act of 1996 (18 USC 1831).  Chandler was also advising Bill and Hillary Clinton and the intelligence community. Chandler pretended to help Leader protect its trade secrets and prepare for patent filings, while he was secretly giving Leader’s innovations to the Deep State shadow government intelligence community after forming the IBM Eclipse Foundation, with David J. Kappos, IBM’s intellectual property counsel and later Obama’s patent office director (2009-2013). This timeline is thoroughly documented and available.

In short, all of the social networking companies that emerged in 2004, including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Yahoo, blogs and wikis all got their start using Leader Technologies trade secrets. In 2008, Leader sued Facebook and proved on 11 of 11 claims, despite total stonewalling by an Obama judge nominee, Leonard P. Stark, that Facebook infringes their patents, but then Leader encountered the utter corruption of the senior federal courts who circled the wagons around Facebook and failed to disclose their massive holdings of Facebook financial interests. Hindsight shows that Facebook was merely one of many rogue C.I.A. intelligence psyops to perform mass surveillance and media narrative control, while also making their friends wealthy.

Leader shareholders have recently filed liens, effectively, at the White House called “Miller Act Notices” demanding that the Executive Branch pay us for 18 years of free use of our innovations without compensation during the Clinton, Bush and Obama years right up to this day. We know President Trump had nothing to do with this, but the Miller Act law requires we serve him as the President.

The total claim in damages and forward-looking licensing is in the trillions of dollars in uncompensated value, but the Miller Act Notice breaks down the proposal in a win-win scenario. Part of this win-win is for the federal government to collect $500-750 billion in new Internet revenue without raising taxes.

Michael McKibben is willing to dedicate the bulk of his 51% to plowing those funds into the development of a truly Fourth Estate Free Press that will be established on these funds—completely free of corrupt corporate interests that have hijacked the mainstream media.

The Miller Act Notice is teed up so that President Trump can direct the Treasury to write ONE CHECK to Leader Technologies and kick off the immediate establishment of a competitive alternative to the MSM stranglehold on America.  President Trump has the full, singular authority to make this decision based on the prior executive orders that created this theft.

Mr. McKibben is willing to meet President Trump at any convenient location and time.

Bottom line, the establishment of an effective alternative to the MSM is possible with the stroke of a pen. It is teed up and actionable tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Solution to End Social Media and MSM Propaganda”

  1. And just HOW do I get this message to Trump??

    Where is the send button??


  2. I reject a system which allows an ambitious, misinformed and dogmatic mob to suppress free speech, create false narratives, and apathetically steamroll over the truth.

  3. After refering several hundred people and organization groups to this site and Mr. McKibbens site over the past 2 yrs, Ive become a target for backlash.
    Ive tried several times sending comments asking for a response as to Why President Trump hasnt contacted Michael McKibben about this issue? He received the Miller Act Notice in July of 2017.
    I can only conclude that he prefers to ignore the situation. Which includes all past inventors whose patents were also stolen.
    Given the option to shut these tech criminals down is of the highest level of priority. Now. The safety of billions is at stake. This should of been acted on the minute he received the Miller Act.
    An extremely large number of people have become well aware of Michael McKibben-fb-google-twitter etc and the injustice as an American.
    People at first were supportive that Trump had a win-win solution so they were confident he would quickly act on the problem. As time goes by without any reports or any information at all from alternative outlets or Q people have turned on Trump through my email. Accusing him of not letting his twitter account go. The comments were so intense I deleted my email account. The rage grows with every tweet from Trump and Q post.
    Unless Trump acts on this quickly, he will have a serious set back running for a second term. This needs to be relayed to President Trump asap.
    I have the greatest respect and pride for our president and understand his sacrifices and constant threats and attempts on his life. I pray for his safety daily and his true love for America and its citizens.(legal citizens).
    I will be waiting on some kind of response. Thank you.

  4. If United States is a corporation, and the president is really just CEO of said corporation, then you will have to take into account the procedures that corporate law dictates. Forget about how our govt. is supposed to work, that ended with the scam of 1871 ! ALL CAPS NAME, MARITIME ADMIRALTY LAW IS IN EVERY COURT IN THE USA !
    It should be reversed, but how? I know how I deal with it, but most americans are not going to stand up and tell a judge/ Clerk that he has no jurisdiction over them, refuse to board his ship by passing through the gate, or denying that the all caps name is not them. So how can Trump do what the leader group teed up for him? Isn’t there some BODY above a CEO ?!

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