Who are the GLOBALIST ENEMIES of America?

Why aren’t we seeing this reported on ABC-CBS-NBC-NYT-WaPO? Why isn’t Fake FOX news reporting on these connections and showing their relationship to the invading caravan? Where is independent and alternative media on reporting these globalist criminal thugs and their invasion of America?

We have provided mountains of indictable evidence over the year to show you their criminal intent to take over the world and put YOU in a digital prison. Someone needs to start arresting these old-farts and begin live-streaming their tribunals over the “re-educated” CNN channel.

Malloch Brown and Soros

Here’s what we have in the Malloch-Brown Bio Timeline on International Crisis Group.

[1287] Lord Mark Malloch-Brown. (Jun. 04, 2018). Biography & Timeline. Americans for Innovation. (Raw *.xlsx spreadsheet).




[1278] ICG. (Jun. 30, 2017). International Crisis Group, incl. Lord Mark Malloch-Brown (Founder Jan. 1993), George Soros, Alexander Soros, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Frank Giustra, Wesley Clark, Larry Summers, USAID, US State Department, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, Open Society Foundation/Initiative. ICG.



Here’s a who’s-who of enemies of the United States. Why aren’t we seeing these people arrested, detained, and tried for their crimes against America?

Why aren’t the entities listed being sanctioned and their accounts frozen?

Why haven’t we stopped all USAID and other U.S. funding to each and every NGO on this list? 

No RELATIONSHIPS_ICG_International_Crisis_Group
1 Alexander Soros
2 Andrey Kortunov
3 Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
4 Austrian Development Agency
5 Carl Bildt
6 Carnegie Corporation of New York
7 Celso Amorim
8 Cheryl Carolus
9 Core Alpha Bond Fund
10 Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
11 Emma Bonino
12 European Commission
13 Federal Republic of German Foreign Office
14 Fola Adeola
15 Foundation to Promote Open Society (Open Society Foundation)
16 Frank Giustra since July 1, 2006
17 French Development Agency
18 French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development
19 Gareth Evans
20 George Soros
21 Germany – Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammendarbeit (GIZ)
22 Global Alpha Tilts Fund B
23 Helge Lund
24 Helle Thorning-Schmidt
25 Humanity United
26 Hushang Ansary
27 Irish Aid
28 Ivan Krastev
29 Javier Solana
30 Joanne Leedom-Ackerman
31 Jonas Gahr Støre
32 Karim Raslan
33 Kim Beazley
34 Lawrence Summers
35 Liechtenstein
36 Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs
37 Malloch-Brown, Madison
38 Malloch-Brown, Lord George Mark
39 Maria Livanos Cattaui
40 Marty Natalegawa
41 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland
42 Mo Ibrahim
43 Nahum Barnea
44 Naz Modirzadeh
45 New Venture Fund
46 New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
47 Oak Foundation
48 Olympia Snowe
49 Open Society Initiative for West Africa
50 Pär Stenbäck
51 Paul Reynolds
52 Ploughshares Fund
53 Plusec-Pluralism Human Security and Sustainability Centre
54 President Emeritus
55 Radcliffe Foundation (Frank Giustra)
56 Ricardo Lagos
57 Robert Bosch
58 Roza Otunbayeva
59 S&P GSCI Commondities Fund B
60 Saad Mohseni
61 Sheila Coronel
62 Shivshankar Menon
63 Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs
64 Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs
65 Thomas R. Pickering
66 U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
67 U.S. Department of State
68 U.S. Treasury Inflation Protected Securities Fund B
69 Wadah Khanfar
70 Wang Jisi
71 Wellspring Philanthropic Fund
72 Wesley Clark
73 Wim Kok
74 Wolfgang Ischinger
75 Yoriko Kawaguchi



Crisis are UsSoros-Brownhttp://www.fbcoverup.com/docs/cyberhijack/cyber-hijack-findings.html#icg-founded


WTC bombing


Ground Zero


Spotlight on the Board Members for the International Crisis Group

Let’s see how well you are doing in playing “connect the dots”. This list of board members for the International Crisis Group is sent to us by A4T Joseph.

Find all the names you know from reading Truth News Headlines. Then find two names of people you don’t know and do some internet research on them. Take the names you know and the 2 you just learned about and explain to your circle of influence how they are connected.

How would their expertise be used in an “international crisis group” organization? Are these individuals globalists or nationalists?

International Crisis Group

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  1. Trump to save the USA but if not evil in any form will be destroyed if can and never stand it will fall and very hard there hell is prepared for those abominations and they know this so this evil will try cause as much damage before there appointed time forever in terrible pain

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