Mark Cuban’s Bluecava tracks you everywhere..and you won’t know it

From Americans for Innovation

Mark Cuban (globalist) + Bluecava, Inc. + Cloudflare (FL, OH election rigger) + Joseph Edmund Sullivan + 2020 Presidential bid . . . priceless

Staff. (Jan 24, 2011). Facebook, MasterCard and HP Join Board Of Digital ID Firm BlueCava [Mark Cuban, investor; Joseph E. Sullivan, advisor). Observer.

Cuban 1Cuban 2Cuban 3Cuban 4

Moral: When Joe Sullivan and his Cloudflare will give you the encryption security keys for every human being on the planet, and your Bluecava company can access ANY device, ANYWHERE, why not run for American President, eh?

2 thoughts on “Mark Cuban’s Bluecava tracks you everywhere..and you won’t know it”

  1. “In the hands of totalitarian and genocidal governments, the new ID technologies could be quite lethal — ‘die Gedanken sind frei’ replaced by ‘Information macht frei.’ In fact, during the violent 20th century, state power directed by governments against their own citizens was responsible for more democide than war. What is to prevent the new ID technologies from being bent to the same malevolent purposes, again raising the question once asked by Juvenal: “Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes” [Who will guard us from the guardians]?

    “Standing in stark relief to the optimistic views of the future of globalization now prevalent, this dark vision of a digital gulag posits that, far from witnessing the eclipse of the Westphalian nation-state system by the rising, pluralistic influence of non-state actors, we instead may be on the threshold of an information counterrevolution that will lead to unprecedented concentrations of state power and their possible transformation into one or more supranational entities.”

    – Richard K. Pruett, 2006

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