Time for Patriots to Support a Political Party of American Pride

These UnAmerican Republican Globalists Rebuked the American People

Time to REBUKE the Republican Party

dirty dozen
The Dirty Dozen

We urge MAGA Americans: DO NOT give campaign contributions to the RNC.

First, it is chaired by a ROMNEY (Ronna, darling niece of corrupt Mitt and cousin to election-rigging Hart InterCivic Tagg Romney).

Secondly, your funds will go into a pool where a ROMNEY doles it out to any one of the DIRTY DOZEN unAmerican republicans who voted to keep our southern border open and leave Americans vulnerable to murderous invaders.

Literally, these Senators supported legislation that would have left Americans unprotected from foreign invasion. Thank goodness, Trump VETOED their insanity.

We also want to flush out globalists like Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Lindsey Graham, Joni Ernst, Corey Gardner, Richard Burr, daughter-of-demon-Dick Liz Cheney and all the Koch Brothers – Chamber of Commerce candidates in the cesspool called the Republican National Party. See 25 top RINOs.

The Republican Party needs to die along with the DNC. Please do not feed the RNC beast. Get the word out to your circle of influence. Give directly to the MAGA candidates of your choice or give directly to http://www.donaldjtrump.com.

Let’s get a huge decentralized campaign going to educate and enlighten patriots that the Republican Party does not work for the American people. It works for the Romneys and their globalist ilk.

globalist patriot parties

Support the ‘AMERICAN PRIDE’ party.


lion pride
This is a lion pride.

Remember this February 10, 2019 retweet from Trump of two jaguar cats snuggling? AIM Cats come in all sizes and types.

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