Demand Telcoms Suspend 5G Ops

U.S. Day of Action Demanding Telecoms Suspend 5G Installation Since No Studies Show 5G Exposure is Safe

Citizens demand moratorium on 5G

Even ‘DaNang’ Dick is concerned about 5G wireless technology health risk. What does he know that POTUS does not?

How the next generation will be destroyed from within


insane 5g

5G: The Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

USA, 24 March: Portland Oregon city officials state clear opposition to the installation of 5G networks around the city, supported by the mayor and two commissioners.
Italy, 28 March: Florence applies the precautionary principle, refusing permissions for 5G and referring to “the ambiguity and the uncertainty of supranational bodies and private bodies (like ICNIRP)”, which “have very different positions from each other, despite the huge evidence of published studies”.
Italy, 28 March: One Roman district votes against 5G trials, with others expected to follow. Other motions to Stop 5G are expected in the four regional councils, one provincial council and other municipal councils of Italy.
Russia, 28 March: The Russian Ministry of Defence refuses to transfer frequencies for 5G, which effectively delays any 5G rollout there for several years.
Belgium, 31 March: The Belgian Environment Minister announces that Brussels is halting its 5G rollout plans, saying, “The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit.
Germany, 4 April: Germans sign a petition en masse to force the German Bundestag to debate 5G.
Netherlands, 4 April: Members of Parliament in the Netherlands insist that radiation research must be carried out before any approval of the 5G network.
USA, 5 April: California Supreme Court Justices unanimously uphold a 2011 San Francisco ordinance requiring telecommunications companies to get permits before placing antennas on city infrastructure.
Switzerland, 9 April: The Canton of Vaud adopts a resolution calling for a moratorium on 5G antennas until the publication this summer of a report on 5G by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment.
Switzerland, 10 April: Geneva adopts a motion for a moratorium on 5G, calling on the Council of State to request WHO to monitor independent scientific studies to determine the harmful effects of 5G.



2 thoughts on “Demand Telcoms Suspend 5G Ops”

  1. It is not the Telecoms driving this is the NWO 911Bushwacker “Patriots” who are ramming it through. They actually have the military censoring and coercing people who protest. One guy had a really cool video of birds attacking a cell tower and he had to take it down because he took the video while he was on work time and his employer threatened to fire him. They are fascists and sociopaths. We see what they are thinking in the London Real interview with General Spalding. They consider the electrification of the planet with 5G to be a “wonderful experiment” and they will CENSOR all information to the contrary, because they can. It will be under the guise of “providing for the common defense” and they will claim they are protecting you from the terrible Chinese and others who are “Getting people to act in ways that are counter to their own interests without them knowing it.”

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