Cryptocurrency Victims Claims Expand

Legal Process against EU Commission Possible

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Dr. Jon Levy

September 23, 2019 (For Immediate Release)


Today a third and find Request for Consultation requesting that at least €10 billion in a compensation fund be set aside for victims of cryptocurrency related crime and fraud was lodged by crypto lawyer Dr. Jonathan Levy with the European Union Commission. The claim is on behalf of over 30 named victims with losses now totaling over €20 million. The EU’s position is that the fix for crypto crime and fraud is that all crypto currency wallets will be regulated by the beginning of 2020.  But not a penny set aside for victims who have lost billions of Euros to organized crime syndicates.

The victims’ lawyer lead counsel, Dr. Jonathan Levy rejects the EU position:

“Billions of Euros in crypto assets and cash are now in the hands of organized gangs of crypto criminals.  This is a national security issue.  The European Union Commission is ignoring its own rules on data protection, anti-money laundering and payment processing. Currently, 10-20 billion Euros in crypto assets are within reach and may be lawfully seized by the EU to compensate victims.  This is our immediate goal.”

Dr. Levy in today’s communication to the EU expanded the cryptocurrency victims claim process to include ICOs, crypto casinos, and cloud mining frauds. Levy also called the EU and UK government for ignoring previous complaints about ongoing frauds and bitmixing. He suggested the EU was deliberately ignoring its own laws and that the UK was aiding and abetting crypto crime through nonregulation and permitting the .IO top level domain (British Indian Ocean Territory) to become the world’s largest offshore money laundering center by volume. More importantly, Levy reminded the EU Commission that individual Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency “Full Nodes” were operating as unlicensed payment processors and transfer agents and thus personally liable for Bitcoin related claims.

If the victims’ claims are not addressed, Dr. levy promises legal action against the EU Commission before the hard Brexit date of October 31, 2019.

Full copies of  today’s communication, the original claim and reply, and the EU response are attached or may be downloaded from:

3 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency Victims Claims Expand”

  1. If you people (patriots4truth) cannot see through this ploy to add yet more “authority” to the governments of the ruling class, then I will no longer be interested in your message. or in receiving your emails.
    De-centralizing and dis-empowering governments is, in my opinion, the best work any “patriot” can do, providing of course that the “patriot” is promoting freedom of the individual. Adding more authority to an already over-bloated government is no longer tolerable. I want the government out of my personal and interpersonal affairs. That is freedom. Government regulation on every activity I choose in my daily life is the opposite of freedom.
    The purpose of crypto currency is to keep government out of our interpersonal affairs. Giving government free rein to impose its survellance more extensively upon what you and I as two individuals do by our mutual agreement is not acceptable.
    Why are you spreading this sort of nonsense? I have for the most part enjoyed Our Spirit’s emails. This one is a huge red flag for me. It offends my sense of personal responsibility and the freedom which comes from being personally responsible. I want the government out of my dealings with my fellow man. This lawyer wants to put the government squarely between myself and any other individual with whom I want to make voluntary agreements. Wake up!
    Elias Alias
    PS: Maybe you will want to know about this —

    1. Consider whether or not the government is an apparatus that is intentionally designed to operate in support of the elites that rule the planet. Would the beneficiaries of government corruption include the globalist banksters? Would the banksters want/need to replace their failing paper currency with a new electronic form that they can better control and manipulate?

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