The UK was not a VICTIM of WWI. It STARTED the war to expand the British empire

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Annual Marconi Society awards are heavily promoted by WNET (New York public television) where long-time producer John Jay Iselin was also Marconi Society president

iselin.jpgJohn Jay Iselin was knighted (Order of the British Empire)  in 2004 by the Queen  for his contributions to… “British TV in the United States”—that is evident SEDITION since all British TV & Radio have been government propaganda since Jul. 29, 1909 when MI5, MI6 and GC&CS were created with newspapermen

Marconi Fellows built the spy encryption Internet surveillance backdoors for the Pilgrims Society, including Sir Eric Ash, Sir Berners-Lee (CERN), Brin, Page, Cerf, Diffie, Hellman, Sir Arthur Clark, etc.

BUSTED: On Jun. 21, 1943 U.S. Supreme Court invalidated ALL of Marconi’s wireless patent claims, so why do these awards glorify stolen property?

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Current Marconi sole director Hao Zoa is Chinese, promotes Bitcoin global crypto currency, and is an evident 32-yr. old cardboard cutout funded by PIMCO / Bernanke—he’s from Tsinghua University—an early member of the IBM Eclipse Foundation, thief & weaponizer of Leader Technologies social networking inventions

Sep. 23, 2019—When otherwise smart people gather religiously every year since 1974 to give themselves technology awards based on a fraudulent set of Marconi-claimed wireless inventions, something is wrong. That is exactly what the members and Fellows of The Marconi Society do every year.

Just look at their stellar list of Who’s Who Fellows. The Marconi Society Fellows are Sir Eric A. Ash (1984), Paul Baran (1991), Sir Tim Berners-Lee (2002), Claude Berrou (2005), Sergey Brin (2004), Francesco Carassa (1983), Vinton G. Cerf (1998), Andrew Chraplyvy (2009), Colin Cherry (1978), John Cioffi (2006), Arthur C. Clarke (1982), Martin Cooper (2013), Whitfield Diffie (2000), Federico Faggin (1988), James Flanagan (1992), David Forney, Jr. (1997), Robert G. Gallager (2003), Robert N. Hall (1989), Izuo Hayashi (1993), Martin Hellman (2000), Hiroshi Inose (1976), Irwin M. Jacobs (2011), Robert E. Kahn (1994) Sir Charles Kao (1985), James R. Killian (1975), Leonard Kleinrock (1986), Herwig Kogelnik (2001), Robert W. Lucky (1987), James L. Massey (1999), Robert Metcalfe (2003), Lawrence Page (2004), Yash Pal (1980), Seymour Papert (1981), Arogyaswami Paulraj (2014), David N. Payne (2008), John R. Pierce (1979), Ronald L. Rivest (2007), Arthur L. Schawlow (1977), Allan Snyder (2001), Robert Tkach (2009), Gottfried Ungerboeck (1996), Andrew Viterbi (1990), Jack Keil Wolf (2011), Jacob Ziv (1995). In 2015, the prize went to Peter T. Kirstein for bringing the internet to Europe.

The Marconi Society is an evident false front for a second tier of technology providers to the Pilgrims Society who began weaponizing media and newspapers through wired and wireless technologies starting on Jul. 23,  1909 with the founding of Empire Press Union following the Imperial Press Conference, 1909. Newspapermen from the Press Conference staffed the formation of British MI5, MI6 and GC&CS (later named GCHQ)

erskine murray.jpgThe Press Conference was organized and lead by Pilgrims Society founders. Guglielmo Marconi spoke at this 1909 Conference in support of nationalized wireless and cable technologies. James Erskine-Murray, the man who took Churchill’s order to cut the German undersea cables on Aug. 05, 1914 (see BBC News; also here) that started World War I, was at Marconi’s side in the 1909 conference. There he talked hypothetically about cutting cables—five years before he cut the Germans’.

This shows that the UK was planning to start WWI, and the British aristocracy was the perpetrator, not the victim. They achieved their Rhodes-ian goal to eliminate Germany and Russia as economic competitors to the British Empire and Anglo-American Imperial federalism.

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Other histories say Telconia instead of the Alert

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The British people and the rest of the world were the victims of this British hegemony to control global communications, resources and power.

Full story and evidence.

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  1. i do appreciate and treasure the info in all your websites As a grandmother i would like to save this pages/pdf/images/ the whole of all your website so when my grand children come to age can learn from them and make part of their homeschool curriculum how to i save all this please help

  2. While it may be true that London financiers started Britain into a military action, it was Wall Street that suppressed the German act of inserting notices in US papers that the HMS Lusitania (a thinly disguised warship that was loaded with 500 tons of military explosives while carrying passengers) was legal game. It was stripped of navel escort in British waters, ordered to reduce speed and to avoid defensive maneuvering while in known German submarine patrolled waters. Wall Street wanted to protect the huge loans made to European nations.


    ‘At the centre of all the quarrels and disturbances that dominate the human condition stands the battle of groups and individuals for power. This battle for power between whole groups of nations or states is, beyond all empty phrases, the true cause of every war. War cannot be separated from power-seeking; those who desire to combat war must first devalue the principle of power — just as, quite logically, the early Christians did. The guise in which the power principle now appears is worse than any it may have donned in the past; for now it threatens the human soul in all its most beautiful and noble traits. It could be called the mechanization of life through the technical and economic mastery of nature. It is the tragic destiny of man forever to become the slave of his own creations because he is incapable of calculating their consequences in advance. Thus it has happened that even where he has used his ingenuity and inventiveness to coerce the elemental forces into his service, he has once again become the slave of the unforeseeable effects they assume through their combination with the power principle. Modern technology, which makes human life so much easier in so many ways, and modern economics, which so infinitely increases man’s material wealth, having now become the tools of modern imperialism, turn against the essential being of the individual. Massed together in a soulless multitude, human beings are ground up by the machinery of party interests that drives today’s civilization. The individual becomes a spare part, a cog; he can hold his own only to the extent to which he has the strength. But the values of soul quality established by past cultures perish in the process … At present such cultural values survive only in countries which lie outside the realm of imperialistic competitiveness, or in rural areas and small towns where there is still a degree of leisure and repose, where the demands made on the individual do not exceed his capacity to fulfil them. These are the indispensable preconditions for a harmonious art of living; but they are sucked under by the murderous maelstrom of excesses prevailing at the centres of modern civilization …’

    Karma of Untruthfulness

    We have always been on the lead standard. If you don’t believe in the intrinsic value of money, you will receive a slug of lead special delivery. The lead rule is heavier than the golden rule: those who control the lead lead.

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