Truth History is Shocking

Truth History is Shocking – Michael & the Gabriels


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Open this link and read TRUTH HISTORY that the evil British Monarch and Pilgrims Society have kept hidden from our history books. The amazing researchers at Americans for Innovation put this 6 page information sheet in a PDF form with rich hyperlinks so that you can educate your network and family about who is really ruling the planet and how they use propaganda (fake news and fake history) to keep humanity controlled. Here is a tiny url link for easy sharing:

This is pertinent information for every patriot, no matter where you live in the world. The Pilgrims Society and British Monarch are enemies of planet Earth and all humanity.



6 thoughts on “Truth History is Shocking”

    1. Thanks so much for this interview which I found vastly interesting. Blown away by this whole background and context of the British Empire which never ended! and the Fleet Street men who created and ran the spy agencies! Plus of course all else with Michael McKibben whom I contacted and who spoke to me tonight further on these subjects. I would LOVE to have you both and with Michael on my channel (Ramola D Reports), talking about this background to how the spy agencies and MSM working hand in hand have suppressed all our freedoms and rights today, the whole bag of characters from the Jesuit/Zionist/Skull n Bones/CFR/RIIA et al contingents–with Piligrims Society behind it all?–running the show and of course, want to interview Michael too on the theft of his work by Facebook/NSA/IBM. Please contact me at your convenience: [removed] My website is at Youtube: Looking forward to reading all the book pdfs you both have posted–really absolutely major information! Thank you again!

  1. Trump is a Zionist agent. He has been involved with the Roy Cohen, member of the Jewish Mafia and has been charged with rape by a 13 year old girl. His close ties to Jeffery Epstein are no secret! Wake up!

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