The GOP Romney Problem

Today’s video comes from articles on the Cat Report at:  Then make sure to click on the headlines below to learn more. A patriot’s citizen education is never done!

The Romneys are the Elephants in the Room


trump election night.JPG



Asleep at the helm of the RNC, Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel, or is this part of the Romney family election corruption machine? This is inexcusable! Why hasn’t RONNA the ROMNEY of the RNC demanded an investigation into this obvious election tampering in Kentucky? Why did Virginia Democrats not face GOP challengers?

crowley no gop


Are we going to add another item to her list of corruption? Will she fail to demand an investigation into the election corruption in Kentucky or will she stay silent like all the Romney girls do to protect unfit Mitt?


ronna romney fired


Ronna Romney Stays Silent About Uncle Mitt’s Corruption


DemonRats and Globalists Rig Elections


2 thoughts on “The GOP Romney Problem”

  1. Mittens the moronic Mormon is a rather central cog in the corrupt child trafficking cult known as the Church of Latter Day Saints. Lucifer has his minions like Mittens working over time as President Trump so skillfully implodes the deep state. It’s a sight to behold.

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