James E. Boasberg is a Pilgrims Society Soldier

Pilgrims Society-groomed attorney, James E. Boasberg, takes over FISA court following resignation of Rosemary M. Collyer, a fellow Pilgrims Society-groomed attorney/FISA judge

afi james boasberg.jpgBoasberg authored for ISIS (Oxford University); ISIS was restarted after WWI by Beverley Nichols a notoriously homosexual former intelligence officer (therefore worked for MI6) – Nichols confirmed he traveled to America in 1918 for propaganda by the British Ministry of Intelligence (Dir. John Buchan) – using the title Secretary of the British Universities Mission to the United States as cover) – and met with American officials from Pres. Woodrow Will downward.

AFI. (Jun. 20, 2014). Pattern of U.S. Scandals Points to Shadowy Group. Americans For Innovation.


James E. Boasberg. (May 03, 2012). 2012 Financial Disclosure and Analysis. U.S. Courts.


S. Hrg. 107-561. (Jun. 26, 2002). James “Jeb” Emanuel Boasberg. Nomination Hearing. U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.


boasberg 1.jpg


boasberg 2.jpg

S. Hrg. 111-695, Pt. 7. (Sep. 15, 2010). James E. Boasberg (PDF p. 672), Amy Berman Jackson Confirmation Hearings, CHRG-111shrg66720. U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.


boasberg 3.jpg

James P. Chandler, III grooming:

boasberg 4.jpg

Worked for

boasberg 5.jpgboasberg 6.jpg







The two publications are named after the two rivers in Oxford, “Isis” being the local name for the River Thames.

nicholsISIS was restarted after WWI by Beverley Nichols a notoriously homosexual from intelligence officer (therefore worked for MI6)



nichols 2.jpg


Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer – Monday 18 September 1939


Dundee Courier – Monday 13 September 1926

nichols 3.jpgnichols 4

Courier and Advertiser helped found for the Pilgrims Society the first British Spies for MI6, MI5 and GCHQ in 1909


Proof Beverley Nichols was a British Spy:

nichols 5.jpgnichols 6.jpg

Boasberg has had at least three Oxford Scholarship interns as DC judge

  • Caroline Van Zile
  • Julia Veroff
  • Emma Simson

 https://www.rhodeshouse.ox.ac.uk/media/40539/2017-rhodes-scholar-magazine.pdf (see Julia Veroff)

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  1. As devious as the Pilgrim Society is, it is a prime example of what can be accomplished by a united group with a common goal, showing us the importance of doing just that to reclaim our country from the hands of these leatches!

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