RICO and the Biden Family Enterprise

In this episode of Common Sense, Rudy Giuliani explores the pattern of crime in Ukraine, Iraq, and China, which could lead not only to a bribery and money laundering case, but a RICO case as well.

Common Sense Ep. 4 The Trial: The Biden Family Crimes Conclusively Proved | SWORN AFFIDAVIT

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Capitol Building

The Common Sense series ties in nicely with our Civics Education Series, taught by Randall E. White. The first lesson starts:

The Basic Elements of American Government


Common Sense Ep. 3 The Trial: Witness One | EXCLUSIVE interview with Viktor Shokin


Common Sense Ep. 2 The Trial: Opening Statement | Bombshell Documents


Common Sense EP. 1: Since No Crimes Exist, It Must Be Dismissed

4 thoughts on “RICO and the Biden Family Enterprise”

  1. What is one to think about this, not even sure of what to call it.
    Is it to show how inept and corrupt our government is?
    Is it an effort to sell Cigars?
    Is Rudi setting himself up for 2024 elections?
    Is it a snub in our face showing how these people are above the law?
    Is Rudi trying acting as a profession, Perry Mason eske?
    Is it being used to discredit a Presidential contender?
    Please forgive my cynicism, the whole thing just pisses me off,

    1. OK to be cynical as Rudy isn’t a choir boy. But we are going to feature his videos because they have wide appeal to a group of patriots, he is giving us information that we cannot obtain elsewhere, and he is knowledgeable about RICO which is going to be the charge for many swamp creatures. Please feel free to balance the videos with your own insight. Thank you.

  2. Rudy Giuliani Common Sense?
    Where is the patriots common sense?
    Have the patriots become so hungry for heads upon a pole that they are neglecting to see the elephant in the room?
    Let us start by recalling, with this article below where this messenger of truth originated from and his past experiences.


    After reading the article, would it be a stretch to assume that he was part of the swamp we so much detest?
    The evidence is overwhelming.
    So Rudy has become a Patriot now, you say.
    What kind of Patriot would one be, as Governor of the state of New York during the nine eleven false flag, not come out and state the truth of the matter?
    Yes that is the elephant that has always been in the room, whenever I see these politicians speak, including POTUS, I see the ghosts of those Americans who died that day standing in the room beside them, awaiting their day of reconciliation, when the truth is finally told. Waiting for the day when justice is served upon those who participated in, covered up, this crime.
    Yet these aren’t the only ghosts who appear when this Cigar enthusiast tells the tales of the Biden corruption, there are many others who have died because of these swamp creatures. The list is endless.

    In closing, pardon me or not, I will not be waving my flag for any of these supposed truth telling swamp creatures, especially a millionaire selling the finest cigars money can buy, being knighted by the Queen of England in his great performance of nine eleven. You say trust the plan, it’s 4d chess, wait for the second term. I say, not until the souls of the victims of these criminals are put to rest, will I wave my flag for any swamp creature.

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