The Organizing Principle of Government

Excerpt* from American Popular Sovereignty @2019 by Randall E. White.

“United we stand, divided we fall!”

—John Dickenson [1]

Throughout all of history, people have organized into groups such as families and tribes for protection, sustenance and entertainment. Our human nature defines us as sentient, social creatures who enjoy nurturing, play and having fun, and exchanging ideas, goods and services with each other. We also have predatory instincts, which make humans the most feared and dangerous predator throughout all of Nature.

The field of behavioral psychology tells us that our individual human behavior is largely a result of learning what we live while we grow up, due mainly to the fact that humans have a long, plastic childhood through which our thoughts and feelings, patterns of consciousness, self-awareness, sensitivity to others, manners, motor skills, and other kinds of behavior are molded and developed into what eventually becomes our personality. Our patterns of physical, emotional, moral and intellectual behaviors that develop while we grow up eventually become our character. This principle is best illustrated by the poem written by Dorothy Law Nolte, Children Learn What They Live. [2]

We typically achieve noble character and great cultural wealth—or squalor—depending mostly on the situation in life we are born into and raised. Our upbringing could be wonderful—or tragic and awful. For most of us, our childhood and later life experiences are usually somewhere in between—not exactly Heaven—but not total Hell either.

Because humans possess both powerful nurturing and predatory instincts, we all have the ability to become very loving or very destructive people, thus the great challenge to society is to maximize wholesome, nurturing behavior and traditions which sustain human greatness, and to minimize inappropriate expressions of predatory behavior for the sake of maintaining peaceful relations, while avoiding war and other forms of tragedy. Our identity, or how we view ourselves individually and as part of a family, culture, society, or nation, becomes important towards this end.

people-working-in-a-community-gardenAll humans need physical, emotional and cultural security. For this reason, well-developed humans possessing good self-esteem tend to form vibrant communities supporting personal and social safety, security, freedom and happiness. These healthy communities typically enjoy sharing their productivity and culture with each other, including sharing food, festivities, technology, art, manufactured goods, music, dance, and other forms of creative expression and entertainment, while also working together to abate the problems of ignorance, poverty and disease.

Sadly, emotionally and morally underdeveloped people tend to hate and blame others for their problems, and to rationalize or self-justify socially alienating, deviant or destructive behaviors such as lying, cheating, stealing, deceiving, abusing, hating or harming others as acceptable means to personal gratification or economic survival. Additionally, there are the unfortunate people who for whatever reason become mentally deranged, and the other kind of unfortunate people whose consciousness is poisoned by a totalitarian ideology. Whenever a person exhibits bad behavior that violates public standards codified as laws, we call this type of misconduct “crime”.

When morally underdeveloped people come together to form a gang or even an army under the control of a totalitarian dictator, they pose a serious threat to society. Ordinary working-class people must therefore band together to protect themselves, or face the peril of their disorganization. When very wealthy, morally underdeveloped professionals in significant positions of political or economic power come together in some unethical scheme, they pose an even greater threat to society, because the size and scope of the harm that these elite-class predators can achieve through covert manipulation of world markets and national relations is enormous.

Malloch Soros

When greedy, power-hungry, unscrupulous politicians, bankers, industrialists, institutional investors and corporate executives conspire together to plunder through a pattern of economic or physical warfare, they become an elite class of economic super-predators having the ability to completely devastate society. In this context, amoral investors and hedge fund managers care not whether a market is going up or down—only that it is moving—and that they are controlling the movement or have inside knowledge of the direction that the manipulated market is about to go.

To these folks, war is the ultimate profit center. This is because political instability creates extreme volatility in the marketplace, which is highly profitable for the institutional investors having inside knowledge. A physical war causes the greatest market demand for very expensive goods such as weapons and medical supplies, which is profitable for the industrialists manufacturing these supplies. Further, international bankers like war because it creates the greatest demand for enormous loans to the nations bringing or defending against the hostilities, which will be paying interest on these national debts to the international bankers for decades to come.

Sections VI and VII of American Popular Sovereignty explain in detail two extremely damaging schemes perpetrated by the globalist banking cartel (illegal mortgages and unconstitutional taxation policies and practices), which constitute economic war crimes against working-class citizens.

Another extremely destructive scheme, only mentioned here for the purpose of illustrating why societies form government to protect themselves, is how the billionaire hedge fund manager and “Open Society” founder, George Soros, is using his vast wealth to financially gut countries, destabilize their governments, rig their elections, [3] ruin their society with drugs, destroy their cultural and religious traditions, and undermine their sovereignty by destroying their national borders. In response to these subversive activities and all of the damage they have caused, the Philippines, Hungary, Russia, Poland, Turkey and Pakistan have all banned Soros and his treacherous political and economic operations. [4]


On the surface, it might appear that Soros simply hates civilization, or has some twisted kind of humanitarian bent, but in reality, he is operating with a strong profit motive. Soros intentionally manufactures large-scale political instability because it causes dramatic volatility, or upward and downward economic movement, in the securities marketplace. Hedge fund managers desire upward and downward movement of the price of stocks and commodities—especially when they have inside knowledge—because they make much of their money through buying and selling option contracts predicting the future direction of the market. Soros combines his inside knowledge of the political instability that he is creating, and the predictable effects of his subversive actions on the marketplace and economy, together with his skill in trading stocks and bonds and derivatives, to generate enormous profits for his multi-billion-dollar hedge fund.

One of the primary vehicles Soros is using to destroy national borders is a flood of millions of Islamic migrants, coming mostly from war-torn countries in North Africa. [5]  Towards this end, he is working together with the multinational financial institution, Master Card, in funding the invasion of Islamic migrants into Europe and other parts of the world. [6]

If Soros actually wanted to help these Africans as part of a true humanitarian effort, he would be allocating some of his billions to financially assisting them in building up a good economy and desirable living conditions in their homeland, together with providing education supporting these people in taking full responsibility for their political disorder, and teaching them how to peacefully coexist and to peacefully govern themselves.

Muslim not peacefulTragically, these incoming Islamic migrants are typically poor, illiterate, unskilled, mostly military age men from impoverished or war-torn countries in North Africa and the Middle East. Due to their indoctrination into Islam, they generally have no real appreciation or respect for Western democratic values or laws, and possess no desire whatsoever to assimilate into Western culture. [7] Instead, they brazenly overrun national borders, trash the countryside, create mass mayhem, overwhelm local governments, ruin local economies, and cause the indigenous residents to live in fear of being molested, raped, abducted into human trafficking, robbed, mugged, or murdered, including living in fear of being beheaded for merely expressing a political view or opinion going contrary to fundamentalist Islamic doctrine or beliefs.

Merely giving handouts to these migrants does not actually help them to rise above their terrible circumstances. Their greatest obstacle to progress is the way they think. Their minds and hearts must be opened to new ideas before they will be able to embrace and create for themselves a better way of life, including building a peaceful and prosperous society in their homeland by adopting the social principles that sustain a kind, egalitarian culture—which essentially means embracing the Western values that they presently reject.

muslim minority

Although these migrants claim refugee status, they actually bring their political instability problems with them wherever they go. This is because the Shia and Sunni warring factions of Islam that are integral to North Africa and Middle East political instability have been engaged in theocratic political conflict for 1400 years. This long-running Shia-Sunni power struggle is not likely to be resolved any time soon, thus when these Islamic migrants move away from their devastated homeland battleground, they merely drag their 1400-year-old Islamic nightmare with them wherever they go. [8]  Spreading this age-old conflict into other communities does not solve it. We need to go to the root of the problem, which is consciousness.

Individuals are powerless to defend themselves against the financial elite super-predators such as George Soros and his ilk who conduct large-scale economic plunder, and political, cultural, and physical wars against civilized society. Thus, out of necessity, ordinary working-class people must choose to work together in an intelligent and organized manner to protect themselves, their society, culture and way of life from unscrupulous or sociopathic elites and their large-scale predatory organizations and unethical schemes.

For these reasons, communities organize politically to:

  1. Protect themselves, their property, their culture, values, standards, government and way of life from opposing or predatory individuals and organizations, as well as from the problems caused by natural or man-made disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, nuclear power plant reactor mishaps, mass shootings, gang wars and lootings, insurrections, invasions, border crossings, et cetera
  2. Protect, facilitate and regulate trade and commerce
  3. Protect their society and culture from warmongering, predatory or invading cultures
  4. Bring out the best in people within society, including upholding the principles of justice, fairness, kindness and respect in all aspects of societal relationships
  5. Formally establish and protect good relations with other communities, societies and cultures

Within these politically organized communities, citizens establish hierarchy and delegate authority, roles and duties to certain institutions and individuals in service to their society. We call this government, or more precisely, civil government, since there are several other spheres of government, such as self-government, family, church, business, and organization governments, also known as “sphere sovereignty.”

In this context, America’s spiritual challenge, as a society, is how to go about establishing social structures to live by, including government, which support loving consciousness, including loving the unlovely—while still being wise and not stupid—for the purpose of creating as best we can, Heaven on Earth. Nancy Poer, an inspiring teacher who influenced my thinking in the matter, said it best, [9]

“The spiritual mission of America is to bring freedom to the world.”


[1] John Dickinson was one of America’s Founding Fathers. He wrote The Liberty Song, first published in the Boston Gazette in July 1768. The lyrics say, “Then join hand in hand, brave Americans all! By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall!”

[2] Nolte, D. L. and Harris, R. (1998). Children Learn What They Live: Parenting to Inspire Values. New York, NY: Workman Publishing Company.

nolte poem

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[9] Nancy Poer is a co-founder of Rudolf Steiner College, a Waldorf education teachers’ college in Fair Oaks, California, where she taught for forty years.

*Re-posting permission given by the author.

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