The Basic Elements of American Government

Excerpt* from American Popular Sovereignty @2019 by Randall E. White.


“In America, the people govern, the people rule, and the people are sovereign. I was elected not to take power, but to give power to the American people, where it belongs.” —President Donald J. Trump [1]


The essential elements of American law and government that are never taught in conventional civics courses, include:

  1. The traditional motto of the United States is E Pluribus Unum, a Latin phrase meaning “out of many, one”. We are more than just a nation of many individual people. Together, we form one united entity, which our government was formed to serve: the People.
  2. The core of American government is popular sovereignty, which means that all political powers exercised by the state through publicly elected and appointed representatives originate from the citizens, who are the sovereign or supreme power and authority.
  3. We the People, meaning the citizens collectively, as a sovereign body politic, possess absolute sovereignty. Our governmental institutions, entities and public representatives, possess limited sovereignty conditioned upon official conduct conforming to publicly delegated authority, defined purpose, and mandated standards for official conduct.
  4. American citizens, in our capacity as a sovereign body politic, possess plenary public powers, which we have historically exercised through our participatory and representative governmental institutions, together with their parallel governmental processes and procedures. Plenary means full and complete.
  5. During the 1600s through the 1800s, America’s traditional participatory governmental institutions in the form of public militias, grand and petit juries, protected our civil rights and the integrity of our representative governmental institutions (the legislative, executive and judicial branches of representative government) by holding public representatives accountable to their oath of office and to the citizens’ public will, as depicted in Diagram A — American Government in 1791.

The concepts and political traditions which comprise American popular sovereignty evolved out of the desires and aspirations of ordinary working-class people from Europe and other places around the world to be free from oppression and to be self-governing. Most of our ancestors who immigrated to America originally came here because they were fleeing religious persecution, economic oppression or slavery in its various forms, while at the same time seeking freedom and a genuine opportunity to create new and better way of life for themselves and their families, for generations to come. This pursuit has become widely known and commonly referred to as “the American Dream.”

America is a “melting pot” of peoples from around the world, made up of all races and ethnic backgrounds. Americans characteristically tend not to judge or look down upon oppressed peoples in other parts of the world because many of our own ancestors were either destitute or taken as prisoners or slaves at an earlier time in history.

Americans as a whole are a generous people who sincerely desire to share their good will and cultural traditions supporting freedom and opportunity with people in other countries, through economic trade and cultural exchanges conducted in a manner which benefits everyone involved, without causing any harm.

[1] President Donald Trump’s statement to the United Nations General Assembly on September 19, 2017.

*Re-posting permission given by the author.
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11 thoughts on “The Basic Elements of American Government”

  1. It is amazing, and truly frightening to see that vote be almost half and half to stop witnesses in a shit show of nothingness. Any senator who doesnt see how fake this was, is not deserving of their position! But what is really disgusting is that there was NO initial vote in the house, so the senate should have tossed it! It was never legal and peelousy never had the votes from the start! Its like we are on the verge of fascism in our government! These senators have no interest in protecting our sacred constitution! And they are too weak, feckless, scared, compromised, perverted or criminal or jealous to do their jobs. President Trump is saving everything by himself. He has no help! He has his millions of supporters, but no help within the government!

  2. Great idea Douglas! I’ll be there for a refresher, it’s been so long, (and that was public school anyway)
    Have you seen what they are doing at ? They’ve sent notices to all judges and clerks that the people are empaneling Grand juries in every county countrywide, demanding they honor their oath of office or expect removal!
    I hope you can find time to at least see that they’re doing the boots on the ground action to hold the corporation to their contractual obligations. But we need the numbers and help from your base to act in every county and there’s 3134 of them. You’ve said we need to unite the country….. no better way than to lead by example, right? Please help, I have so much respect for what you and Tyla have done for America, surely you could at least peruse the operation and lend your knowledge so their efforts aren’t in vain. I hope you will, thanks.

    1. Thanks for the comment. We think folks are going to enjoy our civics course. Great content by a highly qualified teacher – Randall White. Douglas and Randall will be doing audio discussions about the material as well. We hope you will assist us in the lessons by adding relevant content in the comment boxes. This way AIM Patriots can crowdsource the truth about civics and American history.

  3. As a British person (partly French due to WW1 soldier meeting a French lady in 1918) I am ashamed that Europe and especially the British (controlled by the Ashkenazi Khazarian Bankers), have exported their “methods” of Usery to the USA and effectively raped and pillaged the natural wealth of the USA (and the rest of the world) for their own ends of creating a NWO. What I find strange is that Trump says one thing then does the complete opposite. This would indicate to me he is but a puppet of the Rothchild/Warburg Bankers, and the CIA based in Cern Switzerland with the IBS. Ron Paul is probably the best option as president for the USA,should he even get a look in which I doubt.

    1. Actually, Ron Paul would not make a good President. He makes a fine Senator. None of us should feel ashamed. We have all been lied to by an elaborate propaganda scheme courtesy of the Pilgrims Society that has controlled media, textbooks, curriculum. As a young person how would you know that your schools were indoctrination centers? But now we are awake. We know….and we are helping other citizens see the truth.

      Patriots around the world are joining his movement to free the planet from British imperialism which is just as bad for British citizens as it is for Americans and citizens everywhere.

    1. If you have a blog, you can reblog them. This is a way to save it for yourself. Or you can make an archive page from it by taking the url saving at You could also buy Randy’s book. We did. It has nice size print with plenty of writing space in the margins.

  4. More failure rhetoric. Those of us that have studied the way things are supposed to work in America, know that they don’t work that way.

    The current US Government, is an unconstitutional foreign corporation created as the municipal government of the District of Columbia in 1871. Their corporate”constitution entitled “CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” is not that of the American Republic which was entitled “Constitution for the united States of America.” All current Federal employees took an oath to the CORPORATE constitution, not the Republic’s constitution, and most of them believe (as did I) that they are serving America.

    Americans are explicitly declared “enemies of the state” in the Banking Act and the “Trading with the Enemies Act.” All 50 state governments (since the ’60s) are now corporate subsidiaries (franchises) of the foreign counterfeit occupational government in DC, not the Constitutional Republics that we are owed. The functioning operational hierarchy is now top-down, not bottom-up as intended by our Founding Fathers, and falsely taught to us in American schools.

    While education is important to see how things are “supposed” to be, facing the facts at this time is more critical and relevant to correcting the problems we face, than waxing poetic about what no longer exists.

    I was fired from my 11-year exemplary civilian career with the US Army as a “threat to national security” for claiming to be an American, without due process or recourse. They stole everything in my office, my pay, and my retirement savings based on unknown “secret” evidence they claimed to have.

    Nothing can be fixed in America or the States until we are painfully aware and honest about what the current facts and situation are. We are being fleeced by foreign corporations that have been impersonating our lawful governments for DECADES (aka Facisim – rule by fictional corporate entities). WAKE UP for God’s sake!

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