Proving Extensive Corruption by the Biden Family Enterprise

Rudy Giuliani summarizes this episode:

If any of us took the kind of money Biden and his Family extracted from his public offices, that as Senator and Vice President, we would already be convicted! The pattern: Biden is named Point Man in Iraq, Ukraine, and China ► Biden fails in his mission for the U.S., yet the Biden Family scores millions upon millions for the Enterprise.

Common Sense Ep. 6 | Proving Extensive Corruption & Criminal Conduct by the Biden Family Enterprise

See episode 5 here:

Andrii Teleshenko Outs Alexandra Chalupa in Ukraine-DNC Corruption

Episodes 1-4:

RICO and the Biden Family Enterprise

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Capitol Building

The Common Sense series ties in nicely with our Civics Education Series, taught by Randall E. White. The first lesson starts:

The Basic Elements of American Government

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