Black Swan on Horizon

Betsy and Thomas bring you to date on coronavirus and the collapse of the supply chain and banking system.

black swan event


Raw audio file:


President Trump Coronavirus Task Force Briefing – Video and Transcript



Donald Trump: American ‘Corrupt Media’ Media Siding with China


5 thoughts on “Black Swan on Horizon”

  1. I wish there were a way to explain how hard it is to put my trust in anyone in our Government. I wish and pray to know how you guys can be so positive that Trump is genuine and will reconstitute our republic. However I trust you, and therefore believe your statements and predictions. Thanks. Perhaps one day I will know how you all are so confident and trusting.

  2. Could you please tell me if this is working better than this you suggest with the batteries: I am asking because we live in Spain and it is going to be a bit expensive to order with shipping and customers fee? Please. and thank you for your report I enjoy to listening to this every day.

    1. The recipe we have makes colloidal silver water just as good. Betsy learned this technique from an herbologist who had been teaching preppers how to make this healing water for decades. She wrote down the instructions and made them as simple as possible so that anyone, anywhere could make this and keep their families safe. Once you see how easy it is to make, keep a few jars brewing and build up your supply. Pay attention to the batteries as eventually they lose charge and will need to be replaced. Two silver rods as described in the recipe with last you for years.–Learn-to-make-silver-water.html?soid=1117755878567&aid=Shqfs7EDJmU

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