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Va666ine Lies and Propaganda

The current illnesses going around are complicated. There is a synthetic virus going around – Covid, which has HIV, flu, corona viruses, Ebola, swine flu, and many other DNA grafted illnesses in its bioengineered DNA. It is a bioweapon created by Pirbright Institute in Britain with Gain of Function enhancements through NIH funded research in biowarfare labs in Wu Han, North Carolina Chapel Hill, Singapore, Canada, Britain, and other P-4 labs. The va666ince causes autoimmune collapse which then causes va666ed people to get any cold or flu that is going around. Corona virus is a common cold “virus.” The mRNA va666ine kills the human auto-immune system so that humans will be more vulnerable to zoonotic viruses from animals.

The three different types of covid va666ines were distributed so that not all the people getting the shot would immediately have adverse events. Politicians, World Economic Forum members, Pilgrim Society members, etc. (rich elite) get the harmless saline shots because they know what batch to ask for. These “batches” have been identified and analyzed. Graphene and iron oxide are hidden within some shots as well as “yet unknown” living organisms.

Graphene has been added to childhood va666ines since 2008 with FDA, NIH approval – even though it jumps across the blood-brain barrier and lodges in the brain as a poison – it acts like Alzheimer’s creating transmissible spongiform encephalopathies – a.k.a. “Mad Human Disease.” Graphene and iron oxide also lodge in the genitals and cause sterility and pregnancy problems. The va666ine also causes hypoxia, the lack of oxygen uptake in the blood. In other words, the va666ine suffocates living cells.

Once any mRNA treatment is injected into the bloodstream, the human is now owned by the pharmaceutical company who just tricked them into becoming a “genetically modified organism” – a transhuman. The injected person now belongs to the pharmaceutical corporation and if they die – too bad, so sad, nothing can be done because the Emergency Use Authorization brought into being by President Trump through establishing a National Emergency (even before the Pandemic Emergency was established) gives no legal recourse for adverse events or death. Insurance companies knew these EUA shots would absolve them from paying out life insurance policies, pensions, and retirement. Therefore, the hospitals are filled with people who never had covid but now do because they are weakened by the va666ine. The va666ine also causes multiple illnesses – 20 or so – including 11 types of prion illness. This was well-known by the Pirbright Institute when they created Mad Cow Disease in England and saw it jump from cows to humans in a new disease called Creutzfeldt-Jakob. That is why Pirbright, Muriel, and Qinetiq moved to China near Wu Han – so new accidents would kill Chinese not Brits.

Remember that va666ine PCR tests are always incorrect. There are no tests at this time that can tell if a person has covid – those myths are blatant lies. The reason so many people test positive in the hospital now is because the va666ine causes positive tests. That is why the CDC has said to stop getting tested unless you have symptoms. There are no good numbers for covid positives – even the CDC has publicly stated such. The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System is terribly flawed. The CDC has said that the numbers are about 5% correct. In other words, 95% of the reported covid deaths are conflated nonsense which added flu and pneumonia deaths to “supposed” covid deaths. A person who died of pneumonia or flu will 100% of the time be positive for covid. Some of the 3.5 trillion dollars already spent on covid world-wide went to doctors and hospitals who falsely reported covid deaths and used deadly treatments that killed many. That is why the CDC statistics of death are nonsense. True deaths from the covid va666ine in America are over 2 million with over 4 million adverse events. The United Nation’s adverse event reporting has reported over 2.2 million dead in other countries. These numbers are very conservative. Many believe the numbers of death due to the va666ine are already much higher.

Every single person with covid has a unique “variant” – that is the way corona viruses work. No two people have the same flu or cold – they are unique. Since we have yet to see anywhere from any medical agency (CDC, NIH, WHO, etc.) an isolated genetic code from a supposed covid virus – it is impossible to test for a variant of that virus. Any serious student of “viral” theory would know that. Just as any honest medical professional would know that the existing 54 studies on the effects of wearing a mask all agree that masks harm the user and have no efficacy to inhibit “viruses.” Masks create illness, this is well known. Even Fauci did a study on the Spanish Flu and found that over half of the people who supposedly died of Spanish Flu actually died of bacterial pneumonia from wearing masks – not a virus.

The Spanish Flu was created by doctors experimenting with vaccines in Kansas by injecting experimental va666ines into men in the Army. This also is well known. The deadly mistakes of Spanish Flu are being used to create a more deadly pandemic this time around. This is the last ditch effort of the global elite to kill 6.5 billion people so they can rule the world more easily and have abundance for themselves. These ideas are not imaginary, they are part of a two hundred year plan of the Society of the Elect, Cecil Rhodes group, that later morphed into the Pilgrims Society, Roundtable, Chatham House, Royal Institute of International Affairs and the American version – the Council on Foreign Relations. Nothing is new in this pharmaceutical war except that it is global now and the propaganda is more effective than ever before.

There are also illnesses created by monoclonal antibodies – the number one treatment for covid in America. This cocktail of anti-viral and anti-bacterial LIVE poison illnesses is causing many deaths and illnesses. Triple va666ined people are dying left and right. The va666ine does not help stop covid at all. It just kills more people in both the short-run and long-run. The very drugs (both derived from natural sources) that seem to work best at stopping these illnesses are almost outlawed now in America and other countries – Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. Some nations have stopped covid completely with Ivermectin. D3, quercetin, C-60, golden seal, colloidal silver water, L-glutathione, zinc, iodine, dandelion extract, NAC-acetyl-L-cystiene, inositol, cholorophyll, vitamin C and B, manuka honey, and many other natural products are effective at stopping the common cold, common flu, shed spike protein illness, prion illness, etc. Instead, we use pills in America that have talc inside most of them. Anthony Fauci’s family basically has had the monopoly on talc for hundreds of years even though it has been found to be poisonous. Fauci helped create HIV and then created 27 antivirals from the stomach lining of AIDS patients.  Remdesivir is one of those antivirals which actually can help fight covid and Fauci holds the patent. The other 26 antivirals have all but been outlawed by the CDC and NIH.

It is easy to be fooled by the deluge of MSM propaganda. Don’t believe it. Do your own research, as we did in January of 2020, and found that mRNA is a killer that has been shown to be deadly and never once helped any of the illnesses they have been bioengineered to fight. All of the animals used in mRNA testing died after two months. That is why they are experimentally testing these bioweapon va666ines on unwitting humans who don’t even read the insert that clearly says you may become sterile from the va666ine (among other illnesses and death) and that there is no one culpable for those illnesses and deadly effects except for the brain-washed fool who allowed the injection into their bloodstream.  This is voluntary genocide – or “pharmacide” – death by drug companies.

This plandemic is nothing new. Ever since Burroughs Wellcome (later GlaxcoSmithKline) moved from America to Britain and the British Society of the Elect (Lord Pirbright Rothschild, Cecil Rhodes, N. M. Rothschild, Lord Rosebury Rothschild) started va666ine experiments in the Transvaal of Africa, the game-plan has accelerated beyond control. The good thing is that this time they overplayed their hand and tried to leap forward with depopulation too quickly and the common people have noticed. This plandemic will either cause the collapse of Western civilization and world depopulation or it is the end of the petro-chemical industry of fake-medicines that do more harm than good. People have either awakened to the obvious evil plan or simply swallowed the blue pill and marched off to the gas chambers voluntarily – again.

Is Michael Flynn going to claim that he is the reincarnated St. Germain? Inquiring minds want to know…..

This is a place holder for an audio we are uploading today and we needed to create the url for the video thumbnail. To read the backstory, see this GAB link from AIMCat @PrivateLee1776 who writes:

“Might you lend an ear here?

Regarding Mike Flynn, Gen, USA Ret. comments last Friday morning, words were not clear but here’s a recording:

“Flynn’s Prayer: “We are your instruments of the sevenfold rays….”
[and: …”legions, all of them…”]

What’s he referring to?”

Why is Mike Flynn promoting the sevenfold rays of Alice Bailey?

Correction to video: Alice Bailey’s husband was Foster Bailey not Paul Foster Case. St. Germain’s lodge in France that he participated in was The Nine Sisters not the Seven Muses. Sorry for the mistake, Douglas knew better than that but was going too fast and not being careful enough.

Here are some articles we have posted in the past about St. Germain that we discuss in the audio.

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We will also be discussing the Marcia Lucas statement that was recently on Breitbart.

Oscar-Winning ‘Star Wars’ Editor Blasts J.J. Abrams, Kathleen Kennedy


More on Douglas’ involvement with these Hollywood hits.

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Q and A from Indy Fans

A Trump win? Pa. court says Boockvar lacked authority to extend ballot deadline

Michael, Douglas, and Tyla review the latest updates on election fraud. They explain, once again, how Mark Malloch-Brown, a UK Privy Councilor, is behind the foreign election interference and how the traitors in America are committing massive conspiracy.

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Updated 2:43 PM; Today 12:13 PM

By Matt Miller |

Pennsylvania election officials cannot count mail-in ballots that were not verified by Nov. 9, regardless of an instruction given to them by Commonwealth Secretary Kathy Boockvar, a Commonwealth Court judge ruled Thursday.

The decision by President Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt voids a Nov. 1 directive Boockvar issued to election officials in all 67 counties. In that directive Boockvar said those officials had until Nov. 12 to verify the identities of the voters who cast mail-in ballots.

In a petition filed with the court last week, President Donald Trump’s campaign challenged Boockvar’s directive, insisting that election laws barred the counting of any ballots which had not received identification verification by Nov. 9.

Leavitt agreed.

She found that Boockvar “lacked statutory authority” to extend a deadline that is set in the state Election Code.

Ballots not verified by Nov. 9 have been segregated and not counted under a temporary injunction Leavitt’s court issued last week.

Her decision could be appealed to the state Supreme Court.

The fight over the ballot receipt deadline is among a series of battles being waged as the Trump campaign challenges the outcome of the presidential race. Although ballots are still being counted in Pennsylvania, the unofficial tally shows Democrat Joe Biden won the presidential contest in the Keystone State.

From July 18, 2018 Evil Men Who Rig Our Elections. We told you about Dominion, Sequoia, Smartmatic, Hart InterCivic, and their shared software Optech. We busted Mitt’s son Tagg Romney for running the backroom ops for dad Mitt – OVER TWO YEARS AGO!

Score HCQ by Mail


Patriots, push out this information wide and far. This was a great service and the doctors very helpful in answering all of Betsy and Thomas’ questions. The docs were very understanding of folks wanting to protect themselves during these times.

You must circulate this vital info wide and far so that we can protect our “troops>’

God bless you.

Vaccine Wars are British Imperial Wars

conquered common cold


Raw audio file:

charles lieber 1

Exposing Harvard’s Chinese Agent Charles Lieber’s “Virus Transmitters”

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REVEALED: U.S. government gave $3.7 million grant to Wuhan lab at center of coronavirus leak scrutiny that was performing experiments on bats from the caves where the disease is believed to have originated

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Trump Rallies Revive Americans

Trump Rallies Revive Americans


‘America First’ Revival Rallies

trump tent revival

I’ve Been a Democrat for 20 Years. Here’s What I Experienced at Trump’s Rally in New Hampshire.

So I headed over an hour and a half before the doors were scheduled to open (which was 4 hours before Trump was set to take the stage) and the line already stretched a mile away from the entrance to the arena. As I waited, I chatted with the folks around me. And contrary to all the fears expressed, they were so nice! I was not harassed or intimidated and was never in fear of my safety even for a moment. These were average everyday people. They were veterans, school teachers, and small business owners and they had come from all over the place for the thrill of attending this rally. They were upbeat and excited. In chatting, I even let it slip that I was a democrat and the reaction was “Good for you! Welcome!”

trump angel

Many of you in the AIM community are patriots, but maybe not Americans. To those, we explain that the TENT REVIVAL movement in the United States has a long history. Here is a Wikipedia description:

The tent revival is generally a large tent or tents erected for a community gathering in which people gather to hear a preacher in hopes of healing, peace, forgiveness etc. In the continental United States, from an administrative perspective tent revivals have ranged from small, locally based tents holding as few as a hundred people to large organizations with a fleet of trucks and tents able to hold thousands. From a relational perspective whether one tent or thousands The Tent Revival has been and is a place where all are welcome to come and meet with the God of Christians.

Here is an example of one so that you can see how the soulful singing lifts attendees into a realm of SPIRIT and renewal.

Tent Revival Homecoming & Old Rugged Cross

What we are seeing in the Trump rallies is a REVIVAL movement for the RESTORATION of the REPUBLIC. They are lead by ‘Preacher’ Trump who is preaching the good word of America, a sermon We the People yearn to hear.

Any hoot… since the left is already screaming that we are in a Trump cult, why don’t we explode their little brains with great AMERICAN gospel revival music to celebrate the RESTORATION and REVIVAL of our great American Republic.

saint donald trump 1How exciting if the Trump campaign would feature local Gospel music singers at rallies! There are plenty of songs that are not over-the-top religious tunes…but a great way to feature local talent and energize our America First base even more. Please post your favorite all-American gospel music group in the comment boxes below just in case the POTUS team is looking for recommendations.

Angela Primm “Battle Hymn of the Republic” from the movie “Death of a Nation”


Gospel music is for all Americans. We hope that many local groups, who agree to have their performances recorded and uploaded to patriot channels, would be featured at Trump’s ‘America First’ Revival Rallies.

Michael McKibben lead an amazing group of American gospel singers in in eastern Europe that helped end the Cold War.  Music can heal nations!

How Michael McKibben Brought Down the Iron Curtain Through Music