Whitmer calls for a federal mask mandate

michiganFor our fellow Michigan warriors:

We will be bundling important news from Michigan as it relates to the ongoing Information War being waged on Americans by the Pilgrims Society. Under the headlines are links to articles that explain in detail.

White House: Federal law enforcement officers coming to Detroit

“In recent weeks there has been a radical movement to defend, dismantle and dissolve our police department,” Trump said at a Wednesday White House event, blaming the movement for “a shocking explosion of shootings, killings, murders and heinous crimes of violence.”

Whitmer calls for a federal mask mandate

Parents, if you do not take control of your children’s education, their 2020-21 school year is going to look like a Marxist boot camp with testing, vacinations, and indoctrination. Just look what Detroit Public school students are having to go through:

“Detroit Public School officials have five days, starting Wednesday, to test more than 630 summer school students for COVID-19 as a condition of keeping the program operating, a federal judge ruled Tuesday.

Detroit Public Schools Community District attempted to fight the testing requirement, put in place by a Detroit U.S. District Judge Arthur Tarnow, but were able to expand the testing window from two to five days.

Tarnow held a Zoom hearing with attorneys and members of the media over a lawsuit seeking to shut down in-person summer school inside 23 Detroit Public School Community District buildings.” Source

With employment rates lower now as we transition through to our new American economy, parents have an opportunity to stay at home and educate their children and heal the family unit. Home education is great for parents, too, as they can learn things that they missed when they received their own public school indoctrination.

Ann Arbor students likely to start new year online

Secretary of U. S. Indoctrination, Betsy DeVos, a Michigander herself, has an online solution for Ann Arbor students…all packaged and ready to go. State indoctrination in the privacy of your own home! Her Pilgrims Society pals are salivating at the opportunity to sell school systems across America their pricey online curriculum to fill your children’s minds with their anti-American ideologies:

Exposing Betsy DeVos’s Plan for Totalitarian Public Education


Homeschooling calculus

State of Michigan details plan to eliminate $2.2-billion budget deficit for 2020

“Cuts of $256 million to K-12 schools, $200 million to colleges and universities, and $97 million in revenue sharing to local governments will all be offset by federal coronavirus funding, under the plan. Also, schools will receive an extra $53 million in hazard pay for teachers and local governments will receive a $53 million boost to cover unexpected costs related to the pandemic.”

soros whitmer pigWill she give up her State Police protection as she cuts police protection from the general public?

Feminazi Governor Whitmer Defunds Police: Cuts $115 Million from State Cops, Replaces Portion with Fed Cash

Then…no surprise…the witch of the mid-west is rewarded for her anti-police decision and positions herself back in the VP race. This is why we give Whitmer so much attention. She has always been a George Soros top-pick for PRESIDENT. She gets in with Biden…then poof the demented Biden is easily removed.

Gretchen the Horrible will rule all 50 states, including yours. People of Michigan: You are first line defense in taking this feminazi out of office. Friday, July 28 the petition party begins!

Important News! Due to Whitmer’s appeal of the petition approval, signing will be delayed until July 29. See full details on our Social Media posts.

Joe Biden Claims Gretchen Whitmer Back Under Consideration for VP

whitmer nurse rached



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