Global Genocide Now in Progress

In previous Cat Reports, we have explained the “steps towards genocide.” You all know the first step – identify and classify. It’s the same thing ranchers do before harvesting a herd of animals. This is why governments are requiring you to wear a mask. Science shows us that they do not protect from viruses. It’s about CONTROL. They need a mass of people to fall in line, comply, and not ask questions.

The Uygher people first wore the masks:

uygher wear masks

Then they were forced into home imprisonment, later into concentration camps, surrounded by 5G towers. Of course, they were vaccinated in the process.

vaccinated child

uygher concentration camps

Once inside the camps, the human harvesting begins. First the hair is cut and sold on world markets. Other persons are processed for human organs and blood.

human hair


organ harvesting

Once the human masses are chipped, marked, and controlled, they are loaded onto rail cars for further processing. Like a herd of cows and sheep, these humans are headed to the processing plants.

新疆 : 新讲 Xinjiang : a New Explanation


Chinese Ambassador Struggles To Explain Shocking Footage Of Handcuffed & Blindfolded Uighurs Loaded Onto Train


Global genocide is currently under operation. The Rothschild agents start with the easiest to control populations, like the Uyghers in China, to work out the kinks in the system. While these humans are being harvested TODAY, others like YOU are being prepared for harvest TOMORROW.

First, comes the visual control. It can be a blue scarf (Cambodia), a yellow star (Jews), or a facial covering. The identification step is the deadliest one because you must AGREE to wear it. Once you agree, the genocidists know the rest of the process is easy-peasy. Soon you will be at the FEMA camp, getting ready for processing, too.

This is why you must resist the face mask as though your and your family’s life depends on it – because the next step (microchipping, vaccinations, re-education camps, etc.) may be too much for you to overcome.

mask compliance


Couple forced to wear ankle monitors to self-isolate after Kentucky woman tests positive for COVID-19 REMEMBER, IT’S JUST A MASK. IT’S JUST SOCIAL DISTANCING. IT’S JUST AN ANKLE BRACELET, IT’S JUST A VACCINE, IT’S JUST A TRAIN…….IT’S JUST SHOWER.


genocide chart

How is your state governor or local dictator preparing you and your family for slaughter?

My State Authorized Mandatory Vaccination…Has Yours?


Arizona Gov Is Granted the Right to Forcibly Vaccinate and Indefintely Confine Individuals With Absolutely No Legal Oversight


genocide abortion

4 thoughts on “Global Genocide Now in Progress”

  1. The first country to legalize abortion was the Communist Soviet Union in 1920 under Lenin. But just look how countries have followed the example of the USSR without blinking an eye! No wonder millions now follow the example of the Communist, Colin Kapernick! The cornerstone of the Global Warming agenda is Genocide! The Hallmark of Communist Globalism is Genocide! Why they have even chiseled it in stone! The Georgia Guide Stones, first thing on the list!

  2. in southern Ontario, Canada, historically, based on my personal nightmarish experiences with them, Cosa nostra mafia child sex abuse kingpins often drug and later in life drug and profile all children exploited in child pornography still alive after 40 and set them up to be criminally harassed to suicide by their poisoned responses after given an overdose of the drug that they were raped with as children, and another drug to immobilize them in a spiked glass of water before the interview, often in the very same rooms that they were initially exploited in to produce a psychotic reaction, to be recorded and used as a means of criminally harassing their victim further. Most bipolar people poisoned as children with adult strength antipsychotic drugs do commit suicide when exposed to overdoses of them again as adults. I can only imagine what the victims from the rest of the world have endured. I know of three other men who were murdered this way and I do not go to the police given how many mafia agents operate freely in our infrastructure and in transit and many other Government agencies given the corporate psychopathy of the situation.

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