Important Message to Americans from Yugoslavian Patriot


Let us pray for President Trump. His success in defeating the Evil Empire is important to every human being on the planet. The Rothschild-British Imperial Empire must be destroyed if humanity is to ever live in peace and prosperity.

mcnaughton trump prays with leaders

The world is counting on us, Patriots. Step up and do your part to resist the petty tyrants in your community and state.

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8 thoughts on “Important Message to Americans from Yugoslavian Patriot”

  1. Yup. Realizing and gaining a good grasp of this imperative to contain the predatory foreign based hostile entity should be put higher on the schedule than television. My mother and grandmothers were not lying ass bitsses, so I do NOT watch television.

      1. Our Spirit, A++++. That and your CFR programmed television will send you to hell because you spit on jesus by siding with the Satanic forces of wrong

  2. Consider this.
    The wearing of the mask for preventative measures has been throughly debunked.
    Yet not one State or Federal Representative, Senator, stands upon the house floor and admits to this nonsense. Nor goes on any talk shows and states the obvious.
    How are they all held in check? Are we to assume they are all as brainwashed as most of their constituents? Even in the Malheur Protest one Senator and one Represenative made Statements showing the obvious. Yes there are some states that have not mandated masking. Yet we see this lunacy across the world. No one dares to speak out. We have to consider this. Even now POTUS has donned the mask. It’s Patriotic? Something up folks! None of this escapade makes any sense whatsoever. Is it mass hypnosis? Listen to the answers you get when trying to awaken those asleep, there all the same. Just this tells me there is a bigger monster afoot.

    Look at them.

      1. Yet deeper thought:
        Stat from Google “Global Reach. Over 2 Billion logged-in users visit YouTube each month and every day people watch over a billion hours of video and generate billions of views. More than 70% of YouTube watchtime comes from mobile devices.”
        Why would 99% or more political figures ignore this platform.
        Why do they only deal with MSM?
        It would seem they don’t want to give an ounce of credibility to those on this platform.
        Again I ask, who or what holds them all in check?
        Only scripted questions and answers.
        Even more:
        Our allegations and proofs sent to Billy Bagpipes, never addressed.
        Aims case with the IRS, Never addressed.
        Mike’s claim on Facebook. Not addressed.
        Not one of these people’s Represenatives break ranks.
        It seems they totally ignore the plebes and their pleas.
        Who has such control over them? Certainly not us.

    1. ANYTHING to distract the voters and tax payers from the fact that after Bush41 stock market and deregulation, the SEC was neutered and no longer was a law enforcement agency. Congress did their thing and began the ‘naked short selling’ and ‘pump and dump’ schemes which had been illegal. To date they, the Rockefellers, British royalty, et al, have looted the American investors and scrimp and savers of over $20 TRILLION and probably over $80 TRILLION from the banks and stock market. Catherine Austin Fitts is great at explaining with razor sharp details and reports on how they do it. Your money is gone over to the thieves. Parakeet cage liner and fish wrap is what remains. We must get up and take it back. No mewlers and prancing poodles necessary.

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