British Military Knocking on Doors for COVID Testing

Alert to all British patriots: Pass this information through your downline and networks. The British military is going door to door for “voluntary testing”. You must resist. Inform your neighbors.

Also, notice half way through the video, as the people are walking down the street, there are utility poles with 5G units. THIS IS NOT GOOD. They are creating an urban “oven” to fry their citizens using a combo of vaccines, nanobots, and 5G. Below this video, we left you headline links that take you to articles that describe how these modern genocide ovens work.



The Hidden Dangers of Electricity Are a Mortal Threat to Humanity

Charles M. Lieber and the Queen’s QinetiQ

Charles M. Lieber Uses Viruses, Nanotechnology, and 5G to Eradicate Humanity

The Queen’s Crown Virus Must Be Destroyed Before It Destroys Humanity

Moderna’s totally disqualifying RED FLAG “strategic” relationships to the Queen, Wellcome Trust, and Bill Gates

3 thoughts on “British Military Knocking on Doors for COVID Testing”

  1. From # 48 . Please don’t miss

    The disclosures by Susan Bradford are explosive

    Listen to Susan Bradford with some head-exploding facts, going

    all the way back to the history of how the Deep State infiltrated the

    US Government via the Federally-recognized Native American tribes, the

    intelligence agencies and the insurance companies and how AIG

    (American International Group, Inc.) is a great example of this.

    AIG Founder, Cornelius Vander Starr ingratiated himself to the

    Rothschilds, who formed and used the MI6 and the OSS, together with

    insurance agencies – to create not just secret agents but secret insurance

    agents – to leverage their positions . to always keep

    them on the best side of every trade, disaster, war – you name it .

    Many other mind-blowing details, here – don’t miss it!

  2. The US military has sold the American people out and with that trashing what’s left of our shattered and torn long standing Constitution and Bill of Rights. Human rights be damn. We now face a 1% tyrannically insane and dumbed -down global totaltariun machine.

    Thanks to the English gentleman showing the world that’s paying attention that we can and will, on our own, do what they’re suppose to do: Stand-up for our alienated rights, if that’s all we have left, so be it.

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