Kim Guilfoyle and the Magical Vagina

Here comes the magical vagina overplaying her Trump support hand with her prepared script. Ask yourselves…why did Mata Hari feel the need to have this uploaded today after the internet went wild with speculations on how the Trump team contracted COVID-19? Who was close enough to everyone…who had access…who is being overlooked?

She reminds you that she previously contracted COVID, which is to subtly say that she could not have been infected in this latest round because she already had it. Then why didn’t Don Jr. contract it from his paramour? Or is she creating a narrative to distract you from seeing that she positioned herself into the Trump family for nefarious purposes?

Also notice that her video is not uploaded by the Trump campaign where she is supposed to be ‘working’; instead it is uploaded to the propaganda site The Hill, original home of John Solomon until we busted his chops for being an agent of the Privy Council (or the Pilgrims..or the Queen..or the Rothschilds).

So we went to see if she is still with the Trump team and headed over for a quickie on Wikipedia, home of revisionist history. We were blown away with this statement:

Around October 2, 2020, news broke with regard to allegations that she sexually harassed her female assistant at Fox News prior to leaving that position.” Here’s the screen shot:

Sure enough Kim has been a naughty hussy. She was alleged to be showing penis pictures to her work colleagues. (One wonders whose dicks were so special to pass around for all to see- Don’s, Gavin’s, Epstein’s itsy bitsy one, or Anthony’s wiener?)

Kimberly Guilfoyle: Sexual misconduct allegations may have finally caught up to top Trump aide

“The complaint said that Guilfoyle showed the assistant photographs of male genitalia, belonging to men with whom she had sexual relations, and that she “spoke incessantly and luridly about her sex life.””

All references of her being a “special member” or “top Trump aide” have disappeared on the Wikipedia page and other sites that we checked. So clearly, someone is scrubbing her association with the Trump campaign.

Kimberly Guilfoyle: Democrats said Coronavirus ‘WAS NOT SERIOUS’ early on






Kimberly Guilfoyle Speech Goes HYSTERICA. What folks are really saying about the former Mrs. Gavin Newsom. Yes, the video is too long. Scan it for the scary parts. You’ll get the point.

The History of the Honey Trap

Cleverness, training, character, and patriotism are often no defense against a well-set honey trap. And as in normal life, no planning can take into account that a romance begun in deceit might actually turn into a genuine, passionate affair. In fact, when an East German honey trap was exposed in 1997, one of the women involved refused to believe she had been deceived, even when presented with the evidence. “No, that’s not true,” she insisted. “He really loved me.”


Cleveland Officials Traced COVID Cases Back to the Debate… Before Trump Was On-site


Tracing Trump’s movements: A timeline of the days leading up to his COVID diagnosis


Gavin Newsom’s ex-wife and Fox sex pervert planted right smack in the middle of the Trump family. Where was Secret Service on this detail?


Bye Bye, Honey Pot. Go home to Mommy.

3 thoughts on “Kim Guilfoyle and the Magical Vagina”

  1. This is disgusting. These are allegations NOT facts. Stick with the facts and leave the lewd disgusting crap you are writing about to the DemonRats. Seriously people grow up, before you make me throw up! I have always enjoyed Patriots4truth but this sexual drivel over Guilfoyle is bordering on obsession and completely hurting your credibility with me. You should be ashamed of yourself for behaving like a DemonRat.

    1. Kimberly is a slut…and a hussy. How unprofessional of her at many levels in sharing her e-dick trophies and how disgusting that she is so close to our beloved President. We don’t care if you ever see our material… Doesn’t change the FACT that she is Gavin Newsom’s ex wife, was employed by a propaganda site, and loves to share her sexual escapades with her colleagues. Is she sharing dick pictures of Don Jr.?

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