Face Masks for the Walking Dead

Your Geometry Teacher. (Oct. 21, 2020). Recall your high school geometry and then take off the damn mask. Anonymous Patriots.

See how effortlessly a Coronavirus can pass through the cloth pores of your face diaper?

The face masks are not about health and safety; they are about control, compliance with the ultimate goal of GENOCIDE. Will you and your family be exterminated by Bill Gates vaccines or will you help your children into a boxcar to the nearest FEMA camp for your internment?

You must resist the face mask as though your life depends on it. Make sure your downline understands the gravity of this stage of genocide. Circulate this flyer throughout your network: https://www.fbcoverup.com/docs/library/2020-10-21-Recall-geometry-and-take-off-the-damned-mask-Annoymous-Patriots-Oct-21-2020.pdf

3 thoughts on “Face Masks for the Walking Dead”

  1. I have been verbally ASSAULTED for not wearing my mask over my nose. I was in a bank and adjusting my mask and a man said, “If you can’t breathe, then it fits just right!”. I simply said, “SHUT UP and do not speak to me about this mask again!”

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