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Were you conned by the Q psyop?

We were sent some great questions about the unmasking of Q as a sophisticated psyop. We asked our readers to send us questions. Below this audio discussion, you can read the questions that are being addressed in this audio discussion.

If you continue below to the very bottom under comments, you will find an interesting conversation about Cicada 3301, Q, and other matters.

Peggy commented on Patriots Expose Q Psyops

I wondered why Jerome Corsi and Q were saying a few weeks back Assange was free and removed to Switzerland.Now this week he is clearly still in Equadorian Embassy in London without internet and visitor privileges.My concern is with all the headlines on Alt media and Q site nothing changes at all in reality.


bj commented on Patriots Expose Q Psyops

Post 975 was not by Q. You guys really know so little and try so hard to act smart. Post 975 was not by Q. Anyone can tell by the trip code used to identify the poster. Qs is highlighted BLUE. Also Please Note: Qs reply is YOU FAILED. So silly Thomas can suck it all back in. Q is not dead. Simply moving into new digs. Its impossible to imagine as Thomas suggest, that Q was operating without Trumps knowledge and approval. Trumps was tickled in announcing the operation, THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM. Why so hard to imagine. This President Twitters to reach his people. The 4 and 8 chans are the closest to anonymous and free. It was a perfect place to host a gathering of supporters that would educate other people. Because the coming months will explode people’s heads. If not prepared could lead to violence. the chans were also selected because there were [people there that were suited to do the detailed and obsessive work to assemble the clues into actual evidence. Links from one group to another, a catalog of crime across time and across countries. Massive amounts of data were assembled and organized. ready to red pill. What a terrible psyop. The members so busy with the digging and organizing that they forget to eat and sleep. Enormous enthusiasm for the country and the chasing of criminals. Trump has been involved in many many confirmations and authentications of Q. And be clear. Q is not a person. It is a group. Q has also been authenticated by several other intel sources in Intelligence Circles. But you must have an open mind. Cause you are in a Psyop. Only follow your two gurus. Do not investigate or validate. Stay quiet and passive and do what you are told. Thomas will let you know.


Limo wreck

Thomas completely mis-read the GA board exchange today re Q. I will try to summarize.
1. It really seems Thomas has never once visited that board or perhaps even 8ch before. (Understandable – it takes more than a quick visit)

2. Thomas assumes his friends at Cicada took down /GA and had an exchange with Q on the board (he cited that Q was replying to user “anonymous”). That’s not accurate…
(a) all users are called “anonymous” which you can blatantly see for yourselves.
(b) Q often replies to various users on 8ch so a reply by Q is normal. (c), Q seems to have forgot his password and had to use a new trip code to temporarily post to CodeMonkey (“CM”) who is the board admin about the issue. Post 822075 he said hey /CM/ I’m locked out. He mentioned their network sniffers see multiple attempts to override the password lockout feature. So his team will setup a new board and be in touch. This is what happened in Dec 2017 to Q on 4ch. It’s not like there is a help desk. Just hover over the thread 824569 link to see the detailed conversation. CM confirmed to Q he was verified in the log files and it’s a simple fix. The GA board was not “taken down” by white hats. There is no evidence that happened. Q forgot his password.

3. Now for the exchange with the users “calling out Q”. It should be noted that (whomever this person is) is saying that both Q and CodeMonkey have been killed by CIA and have taken over their accounts (this is the user Thomas has aligned himself with now). This user also mentioned that the admins have CLOSED part of the OpenSource program used for 8ch (please read https://8ch.net/sudo/res/72662.html#73156 in detail). He states if someone is closing a portion to manipulate the site on the backend – this is a red flag. THIS USER IS NOT AN ADMIN ON THE SITE AND DOES NOT HAVE FULL ACCESS TO VALIDATE THESE CLAIMS.

Using the same temp trip code, Q took the opportunity to reply to this user that he is full of shit. “you failed”. Everyone knows cbts was corrupted months ago and is no good. anyone mentioning AIM on other boards has no bearing. Those boards have all been compromised.

If you’re new to 8ch /GA/ board there are MULTIPLE BOARD ADMINS including CodeMonkey and Baruch. They were interviewed multiple times by TracyBeanz, very nice guys and they know this board because they CREATED IT. They explained what happened with the tripcode in early January. Someone did try and pose as Q but failed and they can prove it. Unless THEY verify an accusation by another general user about Q or the site being corrupted, the accusation itself is simple not credible. The forensic evidence (log files) presented by this accuser about Q is weak according to the board mods. So why in the world would Thomas claim “proof!” given the history of this site or given it was dismissed by the MULTIPLE people who OWN THIS BOARD. Remember Q is a user not an admin. Is Thomas also saying the Board Ops have been snuffed out and replaced by an imposter? If anyone gives weight to this claim, it should be Baruch who has already chimed in on the site.

4. I watched the video “Q Leaked Plugged” by AIM by Thomas and Betsy today. It raised more questions rather than “Kill Q” or provide “proof”. First, “on Jan, 5th 2017 Cicada released their annual puzzle”..
(the 2017 puzzle began “a fluud is coming). The very next statement the narrator says..”weeks later a flood of leaks hit washington. this was some bold prophecies” – then they show a Q POST (119769 “the flood is coming”) from Jan 21, 2018 while saying “this was stunningly accurate” it’s at 0:28 of the video. Thomas and Cicada say any Q posts after Jan 7, 2018 are fake. So why did this video show an actual Q post AT ALL? Why show one AFTER Jan 7, 2018. Finally, the video credits Cicada for releasing the first triple-layer cipher which is great. But oddly, at 0:44 there is an noticeable audio edit when the narrator says “..and if that blatant RIPOFF wasn’t enough keep watching it gets worse. Cicada 3301 release Z”. At this point, it’s obvious the stuff about Q was inserted into this video. The narrator never even mentions Q at all! Why would you post a video supposedly about Q when the audio itself was taken from some other video? It’s a very sloppy video up front but the pictures are pretty at the end.

Cicada is definitely an impressive annual challenge. Thomas is right these people are truly genius but I don’t see any sign of them on 8ch. If you search Cicada 3301 on youtube you’ll see a video called “TRUE Story the man that worked for Cicada” and another called “Cicada 3301 All Clues and how they were solved”. The (second hand) interview with the 16-yr old who was invited to join after solving was fascinating. If true, the kid thinks they are not a govt agency but a group of individuals with global reach. He worked with them for a few years on new ciphers (likely the next year’s challenge) then got bored and went back to school. Makes sense given these types probably all know each other and make impossible puzzles to solve amongst themselves. Thomas and Betsy have made no connection between Cicada 3301 and whitehats fighting the deep state. have they? I hope so as they would be valuable rather than posting sophisticated cipher puzzles to solve.

5. Neither the video or the 8ch exchange prove anything about Q. It’s very odd that Thomas is celebrating given this video is so off the mark to prove his point. I’m listening to Thomas exclaim some weird victory and scratching my head thinking “huh? what proof?”. I could care less if Q lives or fades away. I’m not loyal to Q or Cicada. It matters little to me who turn out to be whitehats or blackhats – what we all want are ARRESTS. How they happen, how much is communicated or leaked and what anonymous actors we learn about is unimportant to the millions watching and waiting.

That is, of course, unless it’s all posted for clickbait. Anything Q is quickly becoming clickbait on youtube. If youtubers need ad revenue by putting Q in the title that’s fine I guess. Not a long-term strategy for subscribers.

6. I like Thomas and Betsy it’s just hard to follow the meandering and unexpected YELLING that happens. Very little is presented in a linear fashion but I do want to keep watching them for now. Jerome Corsi is not much better and his videos “decoding Q” are mostly fiddling around with the chat windows and impromptu housekeeping tasks while streaming. it’s truly an awful presentation for viewers. It’s like watching your grandad check his email.






Q’s Christmas Eve Visit

By Dorothy DeChristopher

Twas the night before Christmas when all thru the Swamp
Many Creatures were screeching, taken down with a whomp!
The Indictments were arrayed on the table with care
In hopes Fed’ral Marshals soon would be there
Rescued children were huddled all safe in their shelters
While clothes, snacks and cheer were delivered by helpers

Melania in her trench and the Prez in his cap
Sat listening as Hellspawn fell into their trap
As networks with minions from bottom to top
Collapsed under the weight of Trump’s top secret op

When in thru the windows there arose such a Light
From the stealth helicopters aloft on their flight
And the Moon in her grace did witness the scenes
Of our Republic’s heroes lined up into teams
Ready, able and willing for the red, white and blue
To fight as they must with the Rule of Law too

Out came the 10 pilots, standing straight, tall and brave
I thought one must be Q from the salute that he gave
Now under the rotors each man ran for his seat
As the Commander called out, not missing a beat
“On Fitton, on Gomertz, Gowdy and Gaetz!
Go Jordan, go Grassley, Nunes and Wray!
Drain that Swamp on the Hill and those blocking my Wall
Now dash away, dash away, and go get them all!”

The teams they conferred as they flew thru the night
Holding sniffer devices to locate the blight
Up over mansions, clinics and offices they went
Marking down unknown and known of  Luciferian bent
Plus those seeking for power and reeking of greed
Who stole for a living and kept families in need
And bled dry this country of tax dollars and hope
“It’s not our fault” they’ll say, “orders came from the Pope!”

Now ready those handcuffs, call ahead for the cells
Prepared for these prisoners ‘ere ringing sleigh bells
Armed with warrants and glocks they landed on roofs
Smashing doors of the wicked, grabbing them and the proofs
Of unholy deeds, laws twisted and broken
And audiotapes of conspiracies spoken
In meetings and boardrooms, law offices too
And files of minions killed for how much they knew

Again and again these Owls they landed
To cops and marines the felons they handed
Up, up and away they zeroed on their true target
To Cabal ceremonies to save children from market
Robed blood drinkers ranted; how they shouted and fainted
Begging and bribing, Q said “No! They’re too tainted”
To ever again be in civilized society
Just cannot be trusted to act with propriety

And off they were taken to Special Places reserved
So globalist bankers and drug lords got what they deserved
Down went traffickers of sex slaves, organs and arms
And the rogue CIA who were greasing their palms
Not forgotten those bloodlines with gold,  castles and cash
Thinking their empires too mighty to fall with a crash
Wars, revolutions, false flags – they just wouldn’t listen
When the people rose up backing Patriots on a mission

And into the White House those 10 tired pilots came
With planeloads of files just loaded with names
Of enemies of Law and Freedom and Truth
Bad actors of deeds downright vile and uncouth
Our Commander received them with love, blessings and thanks
“My patriots, my patriots, there are no highers ranks”
Q said “Sir, we don’t think our mission’s quite finished
But with God’s Love and Light our enemies are diminished”

And Q was heard to exclaim, as they marched out of sight –

“Happy Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!”