Alternative Media Shill Unmasked

Robert David Steele Files Amended Complaint Against Jason Goodman, Patricia Negron, and Susan Lutzke aka “Queen Tut”


Readers have asked to explain more about Jason Goodman since the dust-up between him and Thomas Paine. This video is available on many platforms so just search for their names on YouTube. In the meantime, here is some insight into alt media personality Jason Goodman that caught our attention.

The Masked Newsman Part 4: She Was MUCH Younger Than Me


queen tut


ATTACK ON STEEMIT: 35 Minutes of Hollywood Producer Jason Goodman Raging Against Decentralization



A little nugget for our geologists and miners

milchan and Netanyahu

Arnon Milchan (Hebrew: ארנון מילצ’ן‎; December 6, 1944) is an Israeli billionaire businessman and film producer. He has been involved in over 130 full-length motion pictures[2] and is the founder of production company Regency Enterprises. Regency’s film credits include Oscar winners and nominees, as well as popular financial hits, including 12 Years a Slave, JFKHeatFight ClubMr. and Mrs. Smith, and many more. Milchan personally has earned two nominations for the Academy Award for Best Picture, for L.A. Confidential and The Revenant. He is an Israeli citizen and a resident of Israel.


We all need to be asking who funds these alternative media creators. Maybe they are fine…or maybe not. Questions we need to ask. Send us your intel.



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