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  1. Thomas Schoenberger = Q team.


    (Identical twin of Thomas Gabriel.) 🙂

    Pavana has connected many dots.


    Q2 is the fake Q. Original Q is CICADA = Thomas Schoenberger.

    Michael now is wanting to substitute for the two who have died as the leader. Maybe they want to create a new group, don´t know.

    We have figured it out.

    Truth is stranger then fiction.

    1. Who is Michael in your note? We only work with MMcKibben and can be 100% certain that he is no way associated with Cicada, Q, etc. But you should have seen what happened to him recently when he experimented with shungite near his electrical panel. Whoa. We told him he might be on to an amazing discovery…and if so, make sure you don’t take it to the U.S. Patent Office where patents of hard working American innovators go to die.

    1. The AIM ‘Thomas Paine’ is not Thomas Schoenberger. Although, we absolutely love TS’s videos and music on his YT channel – Sophia Musik.

  2. Hello Our Spirit.

    Can you please explain this?



    I am sure there is some explanation for how two people by the name of Thomas are both:

    – CICADA 3301 connected via the music of Sophia Musik.

    Thomas Gabriel posts sophia music. Both are composers.

    – Connected both to a “Michael.” Not sure who this Michael is.

    – Both into alchemy and The Philosophy stone, gnosticism, Hindu religion ideas, politheism, Hieronymous Bosh? and such.

    – Both Catholics.

    CICACA – connected to St. Germain.

    Philosopher´s stone – phosphorous stone. – Harry Potter.

    – Both are HISTORIANS.

    Sophia Musik Epiphany video and PAVANA VIDEOS

    – Two videos Pavana posted sync – CICADA confirms the Vimeo video:

    And her other videos from 11 months ago.

    – Schoenberger – Harry Potter connection.

    – ”’Both thus indirectly or directly connected to Q.”’

    – Both into philosophy, anthropology and all other identical fields of study, including composing music.

    – Both into music used in Philosopher stone, Star Wars type involvement, Indiana Jones involvement of the Philosopher Stone, CICADA connected.

    – Both interested in Q, with one of them being part of the original Q team and the second connected to Defango, who claims to have created Q.

    Come on Thomas, I know that on that weekend, you spoke for two hours with these Q people, connected to the other Thomas, to Michael and who in turn are connected to Defango. Again, our brilliance has figured it out without the help from anyone. Defango says he will soon explain what he knows. So it will not be kept hidden. 🙂

    I guess these guys are going to make a lot of money when it goes public.

    Pavana has done a nice job to decipher the Q connection to Rosicrucianism.

    Defango mentioned a “Michael”. So not sure who he is.

    Note: When studying Cicada and Q i noticed this also:

    CICADA – Q – ROSICRUCIAN – KNIGHTS TEMPLARS – MASONS – ILLUMINATI CONNECTIONS – CIA. All roads leads to Rome. Note sure if you noticed or not.

    Will add more later to the link, if needed:

    ▶ Who is Q? Figured it out. Watch as fake Q burns.


    I replied here with more replies just now:


    Please see this post for an updated reply:


    (Please ignore the post directly before it as it has an offensive image posted in the prior post, put there by someone trying to dis-rupt. Sorry about that).


    AIM 4 Truth Anon.

      1. Thank you. Notice the synchronicity here:

        (Thread being attacked by Satanists who have posted an offensive image. Please ignore image and post made right before this one below).

        Synchronicity between the two Thomases:


        Any ideas how the two could be identical?

        If you do not wish to visit the page that has the offensive image, please scroll up and see my reply here about how the two Thomases are IDENTICAL to each other!!!

        PAVANA has presented the evidence that the other Thomas is CICADA 3301!!

        This video shows the Sophia Musik author proven connection to CICADA 3301:

        Unlocking Cicada 3301


        Other videos from PAVANA from 11 months ago, all videos before this video, in the week or so before, back to the Cicada 3301 anagram? Pavana video on Youtube give more remaining cues to make the connections I have made.

        Thank you again for your kind detailed reply here also!!


      2. In the higher dimensions, synchronicity is efficiency. Once you are working at this higher frequency, you can have a grander view of the battlefield. This is why we will be victorious. We operate at a higher level (so to speak) and they cannot operate in this higher frequency. This is why you perceive two Thomases and why they seem so similar. They operate in a similar harmonic or resonance. Their’s is in alignment with St. Germain, Rudolf Steiner, Rudolph II (and more…but something for later). This is why one is a brilliant musician and the other a brilliant storyteller. One day, perhaps, they will create a story of all time – the story of the Sun Monkey King. Sophia Musik or the wonderful characters of Star Wars help the participant in developing Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition. This leads us into a realm that the reptile and slug people can never go – hence, you are now watching their demise. We have entered a higher state of evolution and for those that have not prepared, not put enough oil in their lamps, not lived by the Word of Christ, they will fall away. Truly, a New World is Awakening just as we pointed out in this series: https://conta.cc/2HUiWPp

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