Are Your Intelligence Sources Working For You? Or Are They Shills for the Enemy?

People are confused about who they can trust to give them truth (intelligence) in this info war. Below is a pop-quiz that you can give any of your media sources to test their merit, depth, research, and intelligence.

Do they offer actionable solutions? Or are they full of spin?

Have your intelligence sources addressed the important topics below with you and do they provide you with daily progress reports on the ground that is being achieved to win the Second American Revolution?

We have.

And everybody in the news business – whether it is MSM or the alternative media – needs to provide you with at least as much intelligence or they may be shills for the enemy. Do your sites do the deep-dives on these current topics?

The Miller Act Notice

Senior Executive ServicesCouncil of 500

Michael Horowitz’s Corruption

Soros’ Regime Change of TrumpPurple Revolution

IBM Eclipse Foundation Patent Theft

Highland Forum Runs DARPA/In-Q-Tel

Netanyahu’s Armegeddon

True Source of Q Anon

Cicada’s Riddles

SERCO’s Control of US Data & Services

Human Trafficking and the Vatican

Research tools that you can use to find indictable evidence


Additional questions we would like to ask Qnon are:


  1. Do you Qanon, recognize Jesus Christ as your personal savior?
  1. Do you Qanon, believe Jesus died for your sins?
  1. Were the Awan Brothers spying on Congress for Israel?
  1. You mentioned you would be discussing Israel and said you were saving ‘The best for last” How do you answer the thousands of citizens now asking if you are a CIA/Mossad psyop?
  1. Will you take a stand and say NO to any war against Iran and Russia?
  1. Do you support John Bolton?
  1. Do you still urge your followers to ”Trust Sessions’, even when Trump expresses reservations?
  1. Is Jared Kushner a part of Q?
  1. Is Jared Kushner secretly passing on information to Israeli spies?
  1. If you woke up and found America was in a war with Israel, what side would you take?




2 thoughts on “Are Your Intelligence Sources Working For You? Or Are They Shills for the Enemy?”

  1. You have information a nd so does everyone else but prophet Kim Clement who died in 2016 had it all. Find his videos on you tube put out by his daughter he painted the whole picture straight from God

    1. He only had his opinions. He never offered FACTS-EVIDENCE-DOCUMENTED SOURCES. He had spiritual and worldly opinions and if we had to rely on his prophecies to win the Great Information War, we would have already lost.

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