Another SES Employee in Key Position Not Accountable to the President, Congress, or the People

U.S. Comptroller Gene L. Dodaro withholds vital national security info from the President, his agencies, Congress & the public


GAO SES forces policy makers to beg their FOIA gatekeepers

SES = Senior Executive Service—the biggest government agency you’ve never heard of

Dodaro is an SES employee. Even though We the People pay his check, the SES says he is not accountable to the President that we elected!

CONCLUSION: The SES must be dismantled. It’s history reveals that it is a seditious Fifth column—an enemy of the Republic.




Mar. 26, 2018—The Comptroller of the United States, Gene L. Dodaro, controls access to many critical policy documents that neither the Congress, agencies or the public are allowed to see without his (the SESs) approval.


Gene L. Dodaro is the U.S. Comptroller

Gene Dodaro is SES (Plum Book, p. 11). He cannot be fired by President Trump, yet he controls access to many, if not most, of our most critical policy documents (see attached). And yet, we pay his salary (more than the Vice President’s), annual bonuses and life-long pension . . . at 100% of working pay. Let’s stop this fleecing of the America taxpayer (they think we’re suckers . . . and it appears we have been, but now we are awakening to this treachery).


From the GAO website:

Mar 26 1


From the Plum Book, p. 11:

Mar 26 2



Look at the subject matter of the documents listed in the attachment and also linked here. Then, ask yourself who really controls the US government. It is the SES—the real shadow government. We the People finally have their names.

It is time for We the People to stop this unconstitutional criminality.

Spread the truth.



Senior Executive Services Must be Dismantled to Save the Republic

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