April is Senior Executive Services Awareness Month

Thanks to the hard work of patriots like Field McConnell, Americans for Innovation, American Intelligence Media, and many truth channels now reporting on America’s shadow government, awareness of Senior Executive Services, in its many forms, around the world, is coming to light.


This unconstitutional operation goes by many names as it hides in the shadows of government. They are employees who are loyal to a Marxist, global agenda, working to thwart the will of the people and to overthrow the United States of America.

It has many names like Senior Intelligence Services, Lead Executive Services, Executive Agency, Executive Services.

Many countries have their own form of this shadow government operation. They are part of a deeper operation that tracks back to SERCO and the British Crown.

Let’s bring light to this hidden government so that we can fumigate it out of the swamp. Below we have provided you with videos and articles that you can use to educate yourself and then go out and educate others. We also provide an excellent research tool so that you can explore the Plum Books yourself and see who the SES enemies are.

To get started, here is a video that clearly and succinctly explains the operation. We suggest that you bookmark or subscribe to this video creator as she puts out excellent, professional videos on leading topics for patriots.


Now that you have an overview of this operation, take a deep dive into the article below:



Able Danger Has Lots of Info on SES

Field McConnell has been researching this topic for more than a decade. His sites are filled with additional content that may be of interest to your readers, if not for your own education. Check his sites regularly as he uploads material almost daily.

Able Danger on Bitchute

Able Danger Website


The Plum Books

Plum BookIn order to identify who SES anti-Americans are – name by name, we went to their membership roster which is located in something called the Plum Books. When we started researching we found that the information was scattered all over the internet in an apparent and deliberate tactic of hiding their membership roster.

They hide among us like the SS hid among the German people during WWII.

They could be your next door neighbor or a co-worker. They are indoctrinated in their anti-American, cult-like organization where they receive MKUltra training and other forms of mind control at a variety of places – Senior Executive Institute, Federal Executive Institute, and Clinton Executive Institute.

They have tried to hide for many decades. They even rendered their PDFs so that you could not easily search them. That is…until our researchers broke their code and gave you the keys.

The amazing research team at Americans for Innovation have spent a considerable amount of time creating a research tool that permits you to search these documents. The project is not complete as we keep finding more Plum Books that need to be added. But that doesn’t mean you can’t discover quite a bit as you search for your most despised D.C. corruptocrat.

Click here for the research tool.

Scroll to the middle of the page where you will see these two screens. Follow the instructions and you can access all the Plum Books that have been uploaded so far.

SES table 1

SES graph 2


Americans for Innovation has done an outstanding job collecting information on SES. In this article below, you will find all kinds of great information to help you spread the word about them. They, too, continue to add information as it comes in.


Senior Executive Service (SES) is ~10,000 Deep State shadow government employees who are sabotaging the American Republic for the globalist agenda.

……And that’s not all. 

Once you discover the Senior Executive Services, take the next step and learn about the group of 500 lawyers that keep them on the reservation and on target with their anti-American agenda. This is a powerful group of Department of Justice attorneys that keeps them in line.
And, yes, we have a research tool for this list as well:

Miner Finds

Type in the words “miner finds” on this site and you will see posts that contain ongoing research, with special attention in outing SES members. This information is not in final article or video form, just miners’ nuggets waiting to be cut and polished by smithies and jewelers to use on their blogs, websites, and videos.
If you were good at deciphering Q messages, this will be a breeze. We actually organized the material.
Our geologists and miners do the research so that YOU, the alternative media creator, can be on top of leading stories before anyone in mainstream or controlled alt media knows that it is a story.
If you are not familiar with our mining terms, please see the article on how we have organized this global grassroots movement. We need all patriots to volunteer their services in any way they think they can help. Don’t ask for permission. Grab your informational arsenal and join the fight.

American Intelligence Media Organizes Cyber Research Teams


Let’s Dominate Google Page One

SES has gone to such incredible pains to hide its nefarious activities that the internet has scant information on it. This is great for patriots who are working to restore the Republic as their messages then make it to the front page of the search engine.
Please contribute your time and talents in exposing them with a multitude of posts and videos so that we dominate page one of any search engine.
This is a tactic that is used in information warfare. When someone says “what’s all this stuff I am hearing about SES”, she might search for it on the internet or YouTube… and voilà, thousands of patriot articles and videos pop up and citizens can be educated on the spot, reinforced in different voices over different platforms.
Rats on the Run


Can Trump reduce their fat-rat salaries to $1 a year?

House GOP Renews ‘Holman Rule’ Targeting Federal Pay


Next stop SERCO

Once we educate folks around the world about SES (remember it has different names in different countries), we will be working to expose SERCO which is the mothership of SES. If you want to get started, download the SERCO file below. We continue to add to it as information comes in.

This information comes from our experienced geologists who know how to find public documents that have been hidden in the internet

SERCO Intel Dump Page


We are the White Hats

white hatMany patriots were conned by the Q psyop and are still ‘trusting Sessions’ and ‘the plan’. We are here to tell you that this will not win the Second American Revolution. This is an information war and America needs warriors for truth..

Use any of our materials to repost or duplicate on your own channels, whether Bitchute, DTube, Twitter…wherever. We provide original content to help you get your pages filled with researched substance so that you have time to add your special talents and creative genius to the work. Add you own unique “flavor” to your daily posts while handing out redpills. .

Your messaging is unique to you and your audience. That is what makes our global news network so powerful. We speak to our individual audiences, yet carry a monthly global theme so that consciousness can be raised through the world about a particular subject.

We have a plan, and until something better comes along, how about joining our global army of truth warriors?


What’s the Plan?

Join our worldwide grassroots movement to save planet Earth from the evil banksters that will continue to use us as fodder for their endless wars unless We, the People of the World, stand united in truth.

We don’t share the same physical space on the battlefield, but do share the information space. Patriots, we can DOMINATE the info narrative.

The Digital Minutemen Have Arrived 


Other articles that might help you guide your audience to truth

Mueller is SES. Need We Say More?

Getting to Know the Shadow Government

The People’s response to the ongoing soft coup being run by rogue elements within the U.S. Intelligence Community – Military Tribunals

Are Your Intelligence Sources Working For You? Or Are They Shills for the Enemy?


Crickets vs. SES Members Another video that your audience might like. This is an example of how a smithie takes information found by miners and others and shapes it into a beautiful presentation that has wide-appeal.


5 thoughts on “April is Senior Executive Services Awareness Month”

  1. Is there anything we the people of this nation can do repeal, rescind, etc. Title IV of the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978? I’d be willing to sign a petition if that is what is needed.

  2. I joined as to learn the state of affairs in my own country, Brasil. The modus operandos seems to be similar, to find out the ESE group in here. That should clarify a lot of things. Thank you for the great reaserch. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    1. Almost every country has its version of this and you will find that it is tied to SERCO and the British Crown. While we are doing the research on SERCO, start educating and enlightening you citizens about this shadow government in your country. You might also find your version of the Plum Book and can find some smart geologists and miners to unlock it so that your citizens can search for names. It may be a different color book in Brazil. TOGETHER WE STAND. .

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