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SES Table of Horrors: Link to the NEW 100-hr, ANALYSIS

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Our geologists continue to dig through the Senior Executive Service anti-American operation that is a rogue faction of the U.S. Government that is trying to take down America.

Scale this intel into the network

If you are a miner or smithie in our intelligence network, time to roll your sleeves up and start digging through this analysis so that your audience can be the most informed audience in the world.

mother ship 2 iconMake sure to send us your final work products so that we can post on Truth News Headlines so that other alt media folks can come in and grab your link to post on their own truth channels. We are the mothership at American Intelligence Media and provide first-tier alternative media platforms with cutting-edge truth news so they can spend more time growing their audiences as we awaken the entire planet to this global cabal.



One thought on “Plum Book Updates”

  1. Mainstream media fiction has reached new heights.
    Public opinion is duped into endorsing the repeal of civil liberties in the name of “national security” as well as the conduct of “humanitarian wars” with a view to promoting “democracy” and achieving a lasting “World peace”.
    Without media disinformation and war propaganda, which offensively pervade the global news chain, the legitimacy of the agenda would collapse like a deck of cards.
    Despite relentless efforts by the independent alternative media to convey unbiased analysis and honest news reporting, the outright lies and fabrications of the mainstream media continue to thrive.
    Alternative media organizations have sought Truth in Media with a view to eventually “disarm” the corporate media’s disinformation crusade.

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