Freeing Humanity From Big Oil Is Doable RIGHT NOW

By James M. Miller

I found in one of the Thorium videos, that Peter Thiel has invested $10M in a MSR company. Yet, he was also part of the key report that the nuclear regulatory agency uses to thwart molten salt reactors (MSR).

Isn’t it rich that he is investing in this new technology and at the same time holding back in America?

Is it not even more compelling that the Chinese have taken the lead in developing the first mover costs which include the chemical processing and heat transfer process development. I can only surmise that American tech is developing it and handing it directly to the Chinese where the real financial development is happening. American tech transferred to a foreign company that is controlled by our “WAFFEN SES” cadre who are making investments so that the tech can be ‘sold’ to foreign countries.

Making Safe Nuclear Power from Thorium


Hypothesis: A link exists between Uranium One processing and repression of MSR technology

Now that the ‘WAFFEN SES’ has been uncovered, and specific names are being linked to actions, hypothesis can be posited with clarity. Peter Thiel’s investment club into offshore Thorium technology is one such hypothesis. With so many inflated dollars invested in the enrichment uranium cycle, uranium being in short supply, and large profits assured, it is natural to exert whatever influence necessary to repress any threat to this corrupt profit model by the controllers.

It is a given, that solid fuel high pressure reactors only consume about 1% of the potential energy in a zirconium fuel pellet. The rest is stored as waste. Yes, 99% of the solid fuel cycle is wasted. Also, any solid fuel high pressure reactor (SFHPR) has to be shut-down for 30-days to reconfigure the core to maintain consistent heat output. In addition, Dr. Weinberg, the original patent holder of the Richover SFHPR design, admitted that this design was inherently unsafe, from a failure modes analysis, if built with over a 60 MWT capacity; basically, a nuclear submarine engine. Dr. Weinberg was invited by the ‘controllers’ at the time to not speak any more about ‘safety’ or he would be ‘retired’ from the industry he invented.

So, we have today, the ‘worst of all worlds’ providing critical energy production in the United States, that are ‘inherently unsafe by design’, extremely expensive to license and operate, and a limited fuel supply controlled by a totally corrupt cadre of politicians and bureaucrats, who are ‘sharing the wealth’ at the expense of the American taxpayer and consumers.

America is literally being held hostage by this cadre of ‘WAFFEN SES’ regarding the cost of energy and development.

However, the US Air Force provided Dr. Weinberg funding to build a nuclear-powered bomber to counter the Soviet threat in the early 1960’s. None of the scientists at the time believed that the plane would be built, but the funding was made available to Dr. Weinberg to develop the molten salt reactor (MSR), as an alternative to the inherently unsafe SFHPR. The rest is history.

The safe nuclear reactor (MSR) was developed, and then immediately scrapped by the government, and repressed for 45 years. With its emergence and exposure by Kurt Sorensen, among others, the ‘cadre’ have recognized that the ‘genie’ has escaped repression. The ‘cadre’ is now pouring money into the Thorium development in every country accept the United States.

The nuclear regulatory agency is still controlled by the original false narrative put forth by the ‘cadre’, which states that thorium is inefficient as a direct replacement for enriched uranium as a solid fuel. This duplicitous position is a straw man distraction, because Dr. Weinberg explicitly states in his successful observations from the Oak Ridge experiments, that only with a MSR reactor, with liquid high temperature molten salt, are the enrichment cycle and costs circumvented, with an inherently safe design, that avoids the dangerous failure modes inherent with large high-pressure water reactors.

One can only assume that the ‘cadre’ is in total control of the entire nuclear energy process, seeking to repress the development of American tech, in America, through a false narrative for two reasons.

The first reason is to maintain the SFHPR process as long as possible until it becomes politically unviable by the exposure of Uranium One, to avoid the technical and profit disruption of the ‘entire’ inefficient enriched uranium process.

The second reason, is a position inherent in the political goals of the globalist cabal bankers—destroy the American Republic.

The globalist cabal, is in total control of all aspects of patent development, intellectual property research, bureaucratic control using the WAFFEN SES, and investment capitalization. It is no wonder that a total transfer of this critical technology (MSR) to China is occurring, and no FERC licensing is allowed within the borders of the United States by design.

If this is not ‘treason’, or at a minimum totally criminal, against the American Republic, then the idea of making America great again, is only a nightmare, and not a true dream.


In addition to this sad tale of corruption, is the capital black hole, known to be entropic by design, non-sustainable without massive subsidies of solar and wind farms. Few people know of the total destructive nature of coupling non-harmonic electricity production to harmonic production from hydro, nuclear, or fossil fuel generators. The electricity generated by solar or wind, is not ‘demand based’, and cannot be stored to meet demand cycles.

It also produces destructive ‘wave harmonics’ within the normal sine wave that prematurely depreciates transformers, motors, transmission lines, all electronics, and appliances that receive this energy as it is introduced to the grid. No one discusses the extremely toxic production of silicon tetrachlorides as a toxic soup more destructive than nuclear waste, as part of the Dupont solar film process. If one adds up the total cost of ‘wind and solar’ investments and subsidies, premature grid depreciation, the sum far exceeds the ‘first mover costs’ to create a licensed research thorium reactor within the borders of the United States.

Senior Executive Service, Corrupt Government, and Bankers Keep People Around the World Enslaved to Oil

I am frustrated about so many things happening in our irrational republic. Now that the Senior Executive Service has been uncovered as the ‘machine’ that controls the very fabric of our republic, it is no wonder that there is little progress in any rational direction to MAGA. Built into all of the is wasted time, money, and intellectual capital, is the geo-political gamesmanship regarding fossil fuels.

Most of the ‘intrigue’ of the world would melt-away like a Spring frost in the sun if Thorium reactors were built to replace the high pressure water reactors, and the bulk of fossil fuels globally.  This should be one of the highest priorities of our nation, yet ‘zero’ mention of this in any media accept YouTube. The geo-political consequences are enormous. No need to fight over oil. Oil’s price falls so that all economies totally dependent on it as a resource collapse.

This would nearly destroy OPEC and its influence. It would make America the single greatest power on the planet in a decade, if we perfected this energy resource. It has the power to be a totally disruptive technology, and this is why it is not being developed. Many, in the deep state, prefer to have a thermos-nuclear war rather than allow human singularities to affect global systems that reduce total entropy for the benefit of humanity.

Thorium as the fissile fuel for Liquid Salt Reactors is a singularity that has already happened in the ‘60’s’ as Oak Ridge, paid for by American tax dollars. It needs to come out in the open, taken to Trump, and promoted for what it is….the tool to MAGA.



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    1. Yes. Precisely. They are wrapped all together. We will start showing you how they all connect, but if you are ready to start researching go to Able Danger site. He has been researching for many years.

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