The Slavery of Inertia Keeps America from Being Great Again

Commentary by James M. Miller


I  live in a rural agricultural environment. I have run for political office as a PUD commissioner, the electrical utility for the largest county in the state of Washington. I lost by a mere 100 votes. The lessons learned were immeasurable. I think it is very important to understand the power structures of rural America. Please note that these observations are generalized and I do not provide statistics.

America’s rural environment is heavily dependent on exports to make profits from agricultural investments. This is the main economic driver for communities. Mixed into this economy are layers of understanding, spirituality, religion, education, ignorance, patriotism, gun rights, false patriotism, economic falsehoods, and chief among all of things precepts is self-interest.

Self-interest is key, and I am not judging this human proclivity other than stating that it is like gravity. It exists.

Understanding self-interest is important, because it is the driving force for all things in the majority. It is the ‘force’ among all of God’s natural laws that sustain the ‘current state of reality’. Understanding this is key to any strategy for ‘change’. The ‘slavery of inertia’ is the norm and it must be recognized before anyone can ‘affect change’. The ‘inertia’ in rural America is strong with Socialism currently, based on ‘farm subsidies’.

I have worked on two Senatorial campaigns, as the key organizer in our county in the largest rural congressional district in Washington state…the 12th District where the elected is Dan Newhouse, a Republican in name only. During the 2016 presidential election, the majority of the 12th District supported Ted Cruz and not Trump. Trump supporters are the minority, and we know this.

Since we are not “Socialist Globalists”, and want to avoid war, we are low in the social cast system…if that has any meaning in reality. You simply can’t overcome the inertia of the embedded social structure that is economically dependent of handouts from the ‘government’. No one will give this up without howling like a wounded dog. This ‘subsidy’ based environment also needs cheap labor, so in our counties in the 12trh District, we have the highest population of ‘aliens’ who work for cash, send the money south, and don’t pay taxes.

‘Agriculture’ is addicted to this cheap labor and have expanded its tillage to get more subsidies, more cheap labor, and higher profits…all at the expense of self-governance and the rule of law…the very foundations of a Republic. We have high crime, overloaded schools, overloaded courts, overworked police, and other negative effects from this invasion. The only profit from this is taken by the large agricultural entities, who get subsidies to expand to export to China. We do not see the lower prices of these subsidies domestically, only the high taxes on property that further subsidize the exporting combines. The entire Eastern Washington agricultural economy is locked into this paradigm.

The general population cares only that the subsidies continue, and that ‘cheap labor’ is readily available. What has been created, in form, are the pre-conditions that existed with ‘cotton’ prior to the Civil War in 1857.

The Abolitionists supported the Republicans and the slave holders supported the Democrats. John Brown’s raid against Harper’s Ferry is analogous to the ‘false flag’ events being perpetrated on the American Republic by the Senior Executive Service (SES) and their controllers to overthrow the Lincoln icon, Donald Trump. We are in the same pre-conditions that inevitably led to the utter destruction of 1 million men after Fort Sumter.

In the same sense, economically, the Democrats as part of the artifice created with the false dual party system of conflict, along with the Republican Party controlled by the SES are setting Trump and the Republic for massive conflict. It is merely waiting for the spark to the powder keg. This ‘spark’ will come in the form of the SES, through Robert Mueller as the operative, creating a charade of ‘impeachment’, to create the constitutional crisis, from which they are betting on turning rural America form Trump supporters, to Socialists.

This is the gambit, and the Achilles heal for the patriot minority supporting MAGA. The real target, are the ‘fly over states’, using the lure of ‘fiat subsidies’ to purchase the votes necessary to destroy the movement to a stable economy and freedom. The SES is the cadre, working in secret, under the control of the Democrats, from the ‘secret white house’ only two miles away…directing the Senior Executive Service cadre to overthrow Trump in complete sedition of the rule of law.

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