Election Rigging Keep Globalists Like Mitt Romney in Power

Take a careful look at this chart below to see how YOUR VOTE can be manipulated by OpTech software. Then continue to read to see the global picture of election corruption that keeps evil globalists in charge, from Mitt Romney to Queen Elizabeth II.

Scrap election corruption
Scrap-Electronic-Voting-Machines-NOW pdf

As Romney already begins his anti-MAGA agenda, trash-talking Trump’s tariff policies, we can’t help but question how he won Utah’s primary. When will citizens start taking control of the election process?

Mitt Romney: ‘Trade wars are a tax on Americans’

.Mitt election machine






…seriously. How did this globalist win the primary in Utah with everything we know about his life-long political and banking corruption?

Mitt’s Criminal Past

…..just a precursor to his corruption today. Is someone in Utah paying attention to how the elections are being rigged?

Think your state or country is safe? THINK AGAIN.

Get involved and do something about it.

It is our job as citizens to protect the integrity of the voting process. Any agency, bureaucrat or politician that stands in the way of FULL TRANSPARENCY and BIPARTISAN CHAIN OF CUSTODY of the process must be challenged. Read the link below as we provide suggestions for citizens to get involved.

Will Romney Defeat Jenny Wilson by Rigging Utah Election with Smartmatic Machines?

The evidence for election machine corruption and foreign interference in elections is demonstrated in this flowchart.

Smartmatic history 1

.Smartmatic history 2


Smartmatic history 3

purple-fingerCitizens must demand voter identification, paper ballots, inked fingers, and hand-counts by bipartisan chain of control.

We don’t need speedy election results through their rigged digital system. We need accurate, fair, and transparent vote counting so that the We the People can restore honesty and integrity to the voting process.


2 thoughts on “Election Rigging Keep Globalists Like Mitt Romney in Power”

  1. Of all places that I would have never figured for Mitt Romney to run is Utah. He sure doesn’t fit.
    It’s very obvious why Mitt Romney doesn’t want tariffs, … He sells China junk in his creation of Staples as a business. As a matter of fact 95 % of Staples sells is produced in China

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