Malloch or MOLOCH? Either Way – Evil Is As Evil Does

We have been accumulating so much intel on Mark Malloch-Brown that we opened up this post to keep our notes. Please feel free to drop by and gather new pieces of information as we find them. We will add new findings throughout the thread so check through everything to make sure you have new updates.

You will find links to articles that we have posted that contain info as well as “loose” notes that haven’t found their way, yet, to finished articles. Feel free to use our research material and if you produce a video or article on Malloch-Brown or any of the corrupt Privy Council members, send them to us. If they resonate with our trajectory, we will post for others to see.

Will Romney Defeat Jenny Wilson by Rigging Utah Election with Smartmatic Machines?


Indictable Evidence: Foreign Interference in US Elections Since 2005


Lord George Malloch Brown

Lord Mark Malloch-Brown’s bio only cursorily discloses that he is a director in “Investec” (since Aug. 08, 2012)

Malloch 8

moloch 2.jpgThe literal devil hides behind this deception.

What he fails to disclose are hundreds of convoluted, circular subsidiary holdings and relationships with George Soros, rogue C.I.A., the Rothschilds and the Queen’s Privy Council, not to mention his tight control over the globalist banking system around the planet.

Note: South Africans play prominently in the C.I.A.’s offshore banking activity globally. Ref. Eurotech SpA’s (Italy) key role in developing embedded controls for the IBM Eclipse Foundation’s Internet of Things. It was IBM and Eurotech who provided Facebook its MQTT messaging software on Nov. 03, 2011.

Here’s the global holding company for Lord Malloch’s undisclosed financial empire.

Investec Plc Co. No. 03633621. (Jul. 09, 2002). Global Offering. Companies House.


Circular Control Structure

In cute deceptions, this “parent” Investec Plc issued a Special Voting Share to “IGL” (Investec Group Limited controlled Investec Group (UK) Limited formerly Investec Group (UK) Plc which Investec Plc discloses as a “subsidiary” in a circular relationship.

READ: In confusion there is profit. In circular relationships, everyone has deniability.

MEMO: Lord Malloch and the Queen’s Privy Council don’t want the world’s great unwashed to find them in their labyrinth of corrupt companies. We found you.




Bwhahaha. Lord Malloch-Brown concentrates on “social” and “ethics” in Investec Plc (where he hides his hundreds of conflicting relationships) while he rigs elections for the Queen’s Privy Council and his bunk buddy George Soros around the world thru SGO-Smartmatic


Investec Plc Co. No. 03633621. (Jul. 11, 2017). Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, director, Group of companies’ accounts made up to 31 March 2017. Companies House.


Corporate governance.JPG




Typical Convolution: Lord Malloch-Brown has been a director of Investec, the parent-child-name-stealer, depending on which side of the world you are standing, since Aug. 08, 2014. The company is run by South Africans. It appears there is a Golden Share inside this convolution, but it is well hidden.

Investec Holdings


Sir Geoffrey Pattie company naming trick allow a new company to assume the same name as an old company (RCA became Serco Limited while Serco Plc took over the Internet of Things and the Walker patents)


Rothschild chart

Proof Lord Mark Malloch-Brown is a Privy Council Gold Digger; he very evidently advised Bill & Hillary Clinton on how to run the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative; he includes Frank Giustra and Larry Summers in other entities he controls

Just one of Malloch-Brown’s advisor positions:

Malloch Brown 7

Form ADV. (Mar. 31, 2018). I Squared Capital Advisors (US) LLC, CRD No. 168339. Uniform Application for Investment Adviser Registration incl. Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, senior policy advisor,, and offices in Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Houston, New Delhi. SEC.

Take a look at the offshore Cayman Islands holdings underneath the I Squared front:

I Squared 2016 Investment Advisors Form ADV SEC Disclosure
No. Entity_Relationship_Name Fund_size
I Squared Capital Advisors, LLC ($17 billion)   $ 17,000,000,000
1 Adil Rahmathulla, Partner
2 ASIA CUBE TELECOM HOLDINGS LLC (Cayman Islands Co. Nos. 805-7271798988, 805-4621275335)       1,000,000,000
4 CITIBANK, N.A. Custodian
5 CUBE DISTRICT ENERGY HOLDCO LLC (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-7934834708)             76,000,000
6 CUBE HYDRO CO-INVEST AGGREGATOR, L.P. Co. (Cayman Islands No. 805-5697026189)             88,000,000
7 CUBE HYDRO CO-INVEST POOLING, L.P (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-2831505629)          135,000,000
8 CUBE HYDRO HOLDCO LLC (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-5407584761)          219,000,000
9 Gautam Bhandari, Partner
10 I SQUARED TELECOM PARTNERS II, L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-7826571109)          364,000,000
11 ISQ ASIA FUND, L.P.  (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-2092392684)          800,000,000
12 ISQ CUBE HYDRO CO-INVESTMENT FUND, L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-6188732309)          209,000,000
13 ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND (AU), L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-3642320242          184,000,000
14 ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND (EU), L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-3518732150)          349,000,000
15 ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND (S), L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-1304419843)          262,000,000
16 ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND (UST), L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-3820248899)          353,000,000
17 ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND (USTE), L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-6542089405)          215,000,000
18 ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND II (AU), L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-8573971224)          190,000,000
19 ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND II (EU), L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-5712055233)       1,300,000,000
20 ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND II (UST), L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-1922745663)       1,100,000,000
21 ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND II (USTE), L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-5284639364)          262,000,000
22 ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND II, L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-1230278754)       2,900,000,000
23 ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND, L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-9060969690)       2,700,000,000
24 ISQ OREGON CO-INVEST AGGREGATOR, L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-5947513236)             58,000,000
25 ISQ OREGON CO-INVEST POOLING, L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-5507484046)          177,000,000
26 ISQ OREGON CO-INVEST POOLING, L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-5507484046)             72,000,000
27 Kristina M. Johnson, a former Obama undersecretary for energy, U.S. Department of Energy, CEO of Cube Hydro
28 Malloch-Brown, Lord Mark, Senior Policy Advisor (2012-current)
29 NAUTILUS ENERGY HOLDINGS LLC (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-6299809994)          807,000,000
30 ORAZUL ENERGIA HOLDINGS LLC (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-8340805699)          464,000,000
31 ORAZUL ENERGIA PARTNERS LLC (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-1616725152)          508,000,000
32 Ronald Robert Schweizer, CFO
33 Sadek Magdi Wahba, Managing Partner
35 SHIPROCK MIDSTREAM HOLDINGS LLC (Delaware Co. No. 805-2712380067)          204,000,000
36 SQUARED TELECOM PARTNERS, L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-8269428945)          175,000,000
37 VIRIDIAN TOPCO LIMITED ($720 million Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-9703286077)          720,000,000




Brexit fat cats

Malloch brown 4


George Mark (Malloch) Brown. (Accessed Jul. 02, 2018). Burke’s Peerage.

Malloch Brown 5


U.S. v. Demetrius Pitts aka Abdur Raheem Rahfeeq aka Salahadeen Osama Waleed, Case No. 1:18-MJ-2120. (ND Ohio 2018).


PROOF: Lord Mark Malloch-Brown has conspired with the SES, Soros, Deep State and rogue C.I.A. since early 1990’s right after Soros allegedly crashed the UK Pound (Sep. 1992) – he formed ICG with Soros and Carnegie just THREE MONTHS after Soros crashed the UK Pound and put billions of dollars in his pocket overnight (read: FALSE FLAG)

Malloch Brown 6

Look what else Carnegie, Podesta and Chandler were doing at the same time: the FBI backdoor encryption key (then, Clipper Chip, now Dual_EC-DRBG algorithm)

This document was only uncovered inside Hillary Clinton’s stonewalled emails on her private server by Judicial Watch.

John Podesta



Look who else is/was also a Malloch ICG Trustee:




Look at who either is a trustee, officer or a donor to Lord Mark Malloch-Brown’s International Crisis Group (ICG) with George Soros, Frank Giustra and Larry Summers (Jan. 1993):

ICG. (Jun. 30, 2017). International Crisis Group, incl. Lord Mark Malloch-Brown (Founder Jan. 1993), George Soros, Alexander Soros, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Frank Giustra, Wesley Clark, Larry Summers, USAID, US State Department, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, Open Society Foundation/Initiative. ICG.

International Crisis Group (ICG). (Accessed Jul. 03, 2018). Founder (Jan. 1993) Lord Mark Malloch-Brown. Wikipedia.

1 Alexander Soros
2 Andrey Kortunov
3 Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
4 Austrian Development Agency
5 Carl Bildt
6 Carnegie Corporation of New York
7 Celso Amorim
8 Cheryl Carolus
9 Core Alpha Bond Fund
10 Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
11 Emma Bonino
12 European Commission
13 Federal Republic of German Foreign Office
14 Fola Adeola
15 Foundation to Promote Open Society (Open Society Foundation)
16 Frank Giustra since July 1, 2006
17 French Development Agency
18 French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development
19 Gareth Evans
20 George Soros
21 Germany – Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammendarbeit (GIZ)
22 Global Alpha Tilts Fund B
23 Helge Lund
24 Helle Thorning-Schmidt
25 Humanity United
26 Hushang Ansary
27 Irish Aid
28 Ivan Krastev
29 Javier Solana
30 Joanne Leedom-Ackerman
31 Jonas Gahr Støre
32 Karim Raslan
33 Kim Beazley
34 Lawrence Summers
35 Liechtenstein
36 Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs
37 Malloch-Brown, Madison
38 Malloch-Brown, Lord George Mark
39 Maria Livanos Cattaui
40 Marty Natalegawa
41 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland
42 Mo Ibrahim
43 Nahum Barnea
44 Naz Modirzadeh
45 New Venture Fund
46 New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
47 Oak Foundation
48 Olympia Snowe
49 Open Society Initiative for West Africa
50 Pär Stenbäck
51 Paul Reynolds
52 Ploughshares Fund
53 Plusec-Pluralism Human Security and Sustainability Centre
54 President Emeritus
55 Radcliffe Foundation (Frank Giustra)
56 Ricardo Lagos
57 Robert Bosch
58 Roza Otunbayeva
59 S&P GSCI Commondities Fund B
60 Saad Mohseni
61 Sheila Coronel
62 Shivshankar Menon
63 Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs
64 Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs
65 Thomas R. Pickering
66 U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
67 U.S. Department of State
68 U.S. Treasury Inflation Protected Securities Fund B
69 Wadah Khanfar
70 Wang Jisi
71 Wellspring Philanthropic Fund
72 Wesley Clark
73 Wim Kok
74 Wolfgang Ischinger
75 Yoriko Kawaguchi




SGO Corporation formed in 2014. Lord Malloch Brown made major investments.

SGO Corporation

Malloch brown 2Lord Malloch Brown

In 2014, Smartmatic’s CEO Antonio Mugica and British Lord Mark Malloch-Brown announced the launching of the SGO Corporation Limited,[38][39] a holding company based in London whose primary asset is the election technology and voting machine manufacturer.

Lord Malloch-Brown became chairman of the board of directors of SGO since its foundation,[40] while Antonio Mugica remained as CEO of the new venture. They were joined on SGO’s board by Sir Nigel Knowles, Global CEO of DLA Piper, entrepreneur David Giampaoloand Roger Piñate, Smartmatic’s COO and co-founder.

The aim of SGO, according to its CEO was “to continue to make investments in its core business (election technology), but it is also set to roll out a series of new ventures based on biometricsonline identity verificationinternet voting and citizen participation, e-governance and pollution control.”[41]




Another Malloch-Brown Investec 1 Limited subsidiary (that they misidentify in their report as “ISIS Management Company Ltd”,  which does not appear as a search result in Companies House. Seems innocuous, but it is not. Such “mistypes” are intentional.)

ISIS Management Company Limited

Funded development of election rigging newsroom software, weren’t even creative enough to NOT use Leader Technologies’ brand name.

Malloch Brown 8ISIS managementShepboroughShepborough 2

He has been a Director of Scarborough Property Company Limited since October 30, 2001.

Scarborough Property Company Limited was renamed:

Shepval.JPGKevin Charles McCabe

ISIS Mangement 2.JPG

What does ISIS Management Company Limited (renamed on May 01, 2002) Co. No. 4374762 do?


LeaderPlus. (2010). Election Management Product Brochure, ref. ISIS Management Company Limited Reg. No. 4374762 (UK), Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, Avid® ISIS® Client Guide. Avid Technology.

Avid ISIS Client Guide. (Oct. 10, 2013). Brochure No. 0175-31143-00 Rev. B. Avid Technology.

Our conclusion is that Lord Malloch, via ISIS Management, funded the development of AVID’s console to control propaganda and election for Sir Geoffrey Pattie and himself GLOBALLY. ISIS can then provide propaganda video, photos, newsroom copy in near real time… so that all the newsrooms on the planet push out the same messages worldwide.

AVID is the leading editor in TV and film production.

Attachment:  AvidISISClientGuide_v4_6.pdf


Owned by Investec, Kleiner Perkins

Investec not disclosed at Crunchbase

Vertex Israel

Another Lord Malloch investment of Investec

Vertex funded Cloudera




Well, well. This organization THE WESTMINSTER FOUNDATION FOR DEMOCRACY LIMITED (founded Feb. 26, 1992) is clearly controlled by the Privy Council and Crown Agents and is deep in our U.S. business. They even teach and “consult” at our National Defense University.

In fact, WFD’s Iain King CBE, member of the U.S. National Defense University, benefited from Leader Technologies’ CEO Michael McKibben’s prior work to help bring peace to Northern Ireland. King takes way too much credit (see bio snippet below). McKibben’s organization, Living Sound, was one of the first contemporary Gospel music groups to crisscross the Belfast war zone and sing in both Catholic and Protestant churches during the height of “The Troubles, culminating in a joint Catholic-Protestant finale concert in Ulster Hall ca. 1982. King’s bio says he was “”one of the first people to engage with republican and loyalist groups”.

No, Mr. King, brave people long before you were engaged in efforts for peace in Ireland. Not with guns, missiles, bombs  and globalist deals, but with love. In fact, Lord Hylton (Ammerdown Study Centre at Ammerdown House, Kilmersdon, near Bath, Avon) told McKibben in 1982 that his Living Sound music group’s efforts with local churches who came together in Belfast, Northern Ireland were more effective than all the peace programs initiated by the House of Lords at the time.

THE WESTMINSTER FOUNDATION FOR DEMOCRACY LIMITED, Co. No. 02693163. (Aug. 30, 2017). Full accounts made up to 2017-03-31. Companies House.

We request that readers research each person who is or has been a director in WFD since 1992. Our cursory review found a goldmine of Privy Council insiders, but more cross-referencing needs to be done. The ties among WFD, Privy Council, Crown Agents, USAID, OPIC, MCC, State Dept, Commerce Dept, Defense Dept. are astounding.

Westminster Foundation 1

They received the majority of this ~$12m funds from DFID (Department for International Development UK – another UK gov’t public-private investment group).


Westminster Foundation 2

On March 31, 1996,  WFFDL disclosed this Board of Governors:

6 of 12 knights or dames – Evidently making this organization a tool of the Privy Council, not the UK Parliament that funds it:

Westminster Foundation 3

Class Sep – 21 Oct 2016 National Defense University

WFFDL staff the US National Defense University in Washington on behalf of the Westminster Foundation. Evidently, this Privy Council foundation is in our business:

Iain King

DFID / WFFDL teams (no doubt through the Crown Agents and SES) with Commerce, State, Treasury, OPIC, USAID, Export-Import Bank.

OPIC clients





Lord George Malloch BrownMore dirt on ‘MOLOCH’ Malloch

Investec 1 Limited

Wholly owned by Investec Plc, a global monopoly underwritten by Goldman Sachs International, “audited” by Ernst & Young LLP, attempting to control every aspect of daily life and industry, run by Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, member of the Queen’s Privy Council

Includes companies in 5G wireless satellite WiFi, media editing and election rigging and public relations to wine merchants, property, pathology, biotech and oil. Clearly corrupt.

Country Country_Totals
UK 193
Australia 57
Jersey (The Bailiwick of) 22
USA 22
Guernsey (The Bailiwick of) 16
Greece 11
Ireland 11
Switzerland 10
Cayman Islands (The) 7
Canada (BC) 5
Hong Kong 5
British Virgin Islands (The) 4
Germany 2
Luxembourg 2
South Africa 2
Bermuda 1
Gibraltar 1
India 1
Isle of Man 1
Netherlands 1
Panama 1
Singapore 1
Taiwan 1

Invest PLC

Invest PLC 2

Smartmatic governance

Hold the presses!

Even on their spreadsheet, their accountant disclosures NINE (9) levels deep in these nested doll relationships.

Love 9

Click to access 2012-03-06-Investec-1-Limited-Co-No-00119609-AR01-Annual-Return-made-up-to-Feb-01-2012-with-full-shareholder-list-Companies-House-Mar-06-2012.pdf



Buried in Lord Malloch’s Investec Plc nested subsidiaries (3 layers deep)


Chairman of British Nuclear Fuels

Aka… proof of SERCO connection, as if we needed more proof

Aka… there is the Queen’s Golden Share!


Global Enemy of the People

Malloch Brown 13.JPG

Lord Mark Malloch-Brown. (Jun. 04, 2018). Biography & Timeline. Americans for Innovation.



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