How is Peter Strzok’s Attorney Aitan Goelman Connected to Rudy Guiliani and Roger Ailes?

aitan pixAitan Goelman is the attorney who was advising Peter Strzok during the hearings.

Aitan D. Goelman is a trial lawyer who focuses his practice on white-collar criminal defense, securities and commodities litigation, and complex commercial litigation.

Attorney: Strzok may not comply with House subpoena

Strzok attorney

Do you know where else we have spotted this “Israeli Firster”?

Goelman in car

Remember this car ride in October 2016 with Roger Ailes in the back seat and Rudy Guiliani in the front?  hmmm… so what’s the connection between Trump’s spokesman Rudy Guiliani, deceased Roger Ailes, and Aitan Goelman? Send us your intel or leave a comment in the box below.

Guiliani and Goelman

Did you know that Aitan Goelman was part of the legal team that prosecuted Oklahoma City bombing figures Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols? Source

Goelman also clerked for Israeli Supreme Court Chief Justice Aharon Barak. Source

AItan Goelman background

It was widely reported that there was an FBI attorney present at the hearing, but the name of this attorney was never released. Was this attorney Aitan Goelman? This is puzzling as our research shows that Goelman is in private practice at Zuckerman Spaeder.

For those in our truth community: Please see if you can find answers to these questions:


Did the FBI have a staff attorney present at Strzok’s hearings? Name, please.

Or…did the FBI hire Aitan Goelman to represent Peter Strzok? Is this the same attorney that represented Lisa Page in her closed-session testimony? Or are there both private and staff attorneys involved?

Are taxpayers footing the bill for the FBI to hire private attorneys to represent Strkok and Page?

What interests are really being served by Aitan Goelman being present for Strzok’s hearings? (Check out his connections to Oklahoma and Boston bombings, Janet Reno, Eric Holder, the Clintons)

Many more questions can be raised so please send us your research and we can keep everyone informed.

Oh…yeah. Did we tell you that, like his client Perter Strzok (and maybe Lisa Page) he was a Senior Executive Service operative? Here is his Plum Book mug shot.

Aitan Goelman SES

S. Prt. 114-26. (Dec. 01, 2016). Aitan Goelman, Director, Division of Enforcement, Commodity Futures Trading Commission. SES Plum Book, Policy and Supporting Positions. Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. U.S. Senate, 114th Congress, 2d Session, p. 161. GPO.

Here is a file we have been keeping on Aitan Goelman. Many documents come from his work at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.


3 thoughts on “How is Peter Strzok’s Attorney Aitan Goelman Connected to Rudy Guiliani and Roger Ailes?”

  1. Aitan Goelman  clearly is one of the DOJ 500 SES attorneys, part of the Obama private army of criminals. He covered-up the true culprits in the Oklhahoma City bombing, just as was done to the true culprits of the JFK murder. He is a deep state agent of Israel. His job is to cover-up crimes and to help the guilty blame others. There were at least 5 DOJ lawyers who helped Strzok get Hilllary off the hook by changing the terms from grossly negligent to extremely careles. We suspect Aitan Goelman is one of those lawyers who helped Strzok change the wording, and helped Hillary Clinton get 0ff the hook on her crimes. He is the one now helping Strzok get out of his crimes. The men seen in the car with him are most likely part of the same crime syndicate of lawyers who are all cover-up artists. Giuliani is giving Mueller more time, when Mueller is a criminal who covered-up 9-11. Thus, Giuliani may have also. They all appear to be gang members. We do not know the name of the extra DOJ SES member lady lawyer who was consulting Strzok. It appears the FBI uses these SES DOJ lawyers to help cover-up all the things Strzok, Comey, McCabe and others are doing in partnership with Jeff SESsions, Rod Rosenstein and Muellere in their OPERATION CROSS-FIRE HURRICANE, a coup-de-etat against Trump, exposed here:

    https ://

    More links and topics on this subject and more can be found here:

    https: //

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    Thank you,

    AIM4Truth Anonymous.

  2. Through these SOB’s out of hear!!!! and give us our rights back!!!!!! PLEASE THANK YOU

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