Miner Finds: Mark Malloch-Brown and the Shell Foundation

Mark Malloch Brown Resume



Look at Lord Malloch-‘Vader‘’s current bunk buddies in SouthWest Energy Ltd.

Malloch Brown colleagues


Lord Mollach-Brown bunk buddy in the UN Association currently

Robert WorcesterSir Robert Milton WorcesterKBEDL (born 21 December 1933) is the founder of MORI (Market & Opinion Research International Ltd.) and a member and contributor to many voluntary organisations. He is a well-known figure in British public opinion research and political circles and as a media commentator, especially about voting intentions in British and American elections.

Following the sale of MORI to the French research company Ipsos in October 2005, he became chairman of the Ipsos Public Affairs Research Advisory Board and an International Director of the Ipsos Group. Subsequently, in 2007 he became Senior Advisor to Ipsos MORI. Sir Robert holds joint American and British citizenship.

Kansas City native, Worcester graduated from the University of Kansas in 1955, and following service in the US Army Corps of Engineers in Korea worked with management consultants McKinsey & Company. In 1965, he joined Opinion Research Corporation as chief financial officerFinancialbefore coming to Britain in 1969 to found MORI, then a joint-venture of ORC and National Opinion Polls, becoming the principal owner four years later.

He was made a Knight Commander of The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in 2005 in recognition of the “outstanding services rendered to political, social and economic research and for contribution to government policy and programmes”.[1]




This Shell Foundation file is fully searchable.



Wow. What’s wrong with this picture?

SES-led SES invested private capital in a commercial British subsidiary of British non-profit charity Shell Foundation to meddle in Iraq

Lord Malloch-Brown was a director who also directed use of Smartmatic and other OpTech-enabled voting machines in the USA, protected by the Queen’s Privy Council.

Therefore, SES-USAID is caught here colluding with Lord Malloch-Brown and Shell Foundation (UK, US, Netherlands) to interfere in Iraq using US taxpayer funds.

Shell debtorsUSAID chart.JPGDonationsstatus and administrationSF investment.

BTW: On Xstrata:

In 1990, Marc Rich + Co AG became its majority shareholder. In the 1990s it diversified into mining and disposed of its non-core businesses.[7]


Evil Men Who Rig Our Elections


Did the Queen meddle in the U S elections?


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