Only YOU can prevent election rigging

Calling on all patriots around the world to get active in your election voting process. Although we commend election boards that are working to clean up voter rolls and require voter identification, it will take much more than this to have honest and fair elections.

YOUR INDIVIDUAL EFFORT to write a FOIA request or letter to your election officials can make a difference.

In these articles (below) we tell you exactly what you need to ask for. Just lift text right out of our articles to create your own letter.

This is something that YOU can do TODAY that could make a huge difference in your state election process. Doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat or Republican to demand your state get rid of these rigged machines.

If you belong to a citizen, patriot, or any concerned group, send your letter as a group to make a bigger impact. Then reach out to a similar group in your district and ask them to do the same. Continue to follow up frequently with calls and letters.


This is NOT the responsibility of your elected representatives to do. Citizens are responsible for the election process. Let’s get some traction on this, patriots.

Please feel free to share your progress with us.

Technology is not good for everything – especially when it comes to voting integrity!


Evil Men Who Rig Our Elections


Learn what is really happening with these George Soros – Mark Malloch-Brown – Mitt Romney rigged voting machines.


Ronna RomneyDemand that Chair of the Republican National Committee Ronna Romney McDaniel write an official inquiry into this matter to each and every state election official in the country on RNC letterhead.

Our solid evidence shows that her Uncle Mitt is behind these rigged machines.

Demand that she have these letters sent out by the end of the month. She must address the evidence that we found in the articles above…If she doesn’t, you might wonder if she just another corrupt RINO protecting her family’s political interests.

6 thoughts on “Only YOU can prevent election rigging”

  1. More people might send Ronna Romney McDaniel an email if her address was contained in your article. Or make a petition where everyone could sign it. People are lazy… just say’n.

      1. I’m a Canadian Citizen. The “rhinos” are a danger to the whole world. If we don’t fight for your elections, then we are another nation with our head in the sand, waiting to be steamrollered into slavery. There is division up here between those who still haven’t seen Santa isn’t the one filling their stockings.

      2. The globalists are just as much an enemy to Canadian patriots as they are to American patriots. We have a common enemy. The globalists stoke the fires of the left-wing to fight their “ground wars” that they are too prissy to fight for themselves. These ground troops are mercenaries and their paymasters are globalists like George Soros.

  2. Definitely sending out that letter to my representatives!!!! Thank you Betsy, Thomas & The Conclave!!!!! Truth is a beautiful thing 🙂

    1. Please look at the link we gave you so you can see the types of questions you will want to ask. Then make sure you send a copy to your state election officials and copy Ronna Romney at her Northville Michigan (zip is 48167) address so that she receives it. Each state has a different structure for who runs the elections. A quick internet search can show you how it operates in your state. Then spread the word.

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