Matthew G. Whitaker Is Not AG Material

Matthew G. Whitaker

Not AG material. He’s a placeholder and sacrificial lamb.

2008 Plum Book, p. 204


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6 thoughts on “Matthew G. Whitaker Is Not AG Material”

  1. I believe that Matthew Whitaker will be playing the role of a “hatchet man,” which is commonly used in business. Frequently, when a new CEO takes over a problem organization, there is a honeymoon period, where he gets to know the personnel and the operation. After he locates the problems, and determines who is for him, and against him, he fires the manager and replaces him with a “hatchet man.” The “hatchet man,” comes in and really shakes things up by making major changes, and terminations, which also results in many people leaving. After this housecleaning, the “hatchet man,” leaves (resigns, fired, or simply vanishes). Then a new manager steps in to the reorganized operation, and simply carries on with the program. All blame for the previous time of disruption is placed upon the “hatchet man,” while the CEO and new manager remain “good guys.”


  2. A real Attorney General has to be confirmed by the senate. What is Matthew Whitaker doing as the Attorney General he has not been confirmed.

    1. He is there because the US AG was part of a criminal coverup conspiracy. You could ask why was a criminal the previous AG?

  3. What makes anyone think anything has been “cleaned up”? What exactly has Session done to improve the DOJ?
    Is Matthew G. Whitaker kin or linked to any of the three other “Whitakers” that are members of the CFR? Forest, Jennifer and Mark Whitaker?

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