Strunk meets with Secret Service

Secret Service calls Christopher E. Strunk for a meeting about the Writ of Mandamus. These are his thoughts as he heads into the meeting. His post-meeting update is below the video.


Another agent met Chris, not the one who originally contacted him (Thomas Donahue). He identified himself as Tim Cook, a Secret Service agent who was detailed to Kirstjen Nielsen. Cook, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, told Strunk that he was not interested in the documents Chris brought. He said Donahue had been reassigned. He then started asking Strunk about his work and personal background, including his gun ownership.

The agent asked Chris, “Where is your favorite hunting spot?”

Cook also told Strunk that he had been identified by DHS as a threat to Kirstjen Nielsen.

So here we have a citizen doing what President Trump said to do – report election fraud. Chris submitted the Writ of Mandamus to the Supreme Court and after three clerks reviewed the document, it was turned it down for minor administrative reasons. To hell with national security and the people’s suffrage.

After Chris submitted a copy to Homeland Security, a man claiming to be Nielsen’s Secret Service threatens him.

The third copy went to Mike Pence…so we get to see now if Pence works WITH the president and FOR THE PEOPLE, or not.

The writ was delivered to the Supreme Court, Department of Homeland Security, and Vice President Mike Pence last week:



Chris was also prepared to hand over these other materials that show election rigging by foreign actors:

Enemy of the Planet Exposed

ALERT: Foreign Interference of Mid-Terms.Votes are being counted outside of the United States.

17 thoughts on “Strunk meets with Secret Service”

  1. I worry about Chris. Glad you are publishing this. Hopefully he is meeting a White Hat. He needs to vet this chap. Operatives lie always.

    1. We published this for his protection…and guess what? Another agent met him, not the one who originally contacted him. Told him he was not interested in any of the documents Chris brought and said that he was seen by DHS as a threat to Kirstjen Nielsen. So here we have a citizen doing what President Trump said to do – report election fraud. Chris submitted to the Supreme Court and they turned it down for minor administrative reasons, DHS has one of their spooks go out and threaten Chris. The third copy went to Mike Pence…so we get to see now if he works WITH the president, or not.

      1. Hi guys!1st time I comment like this,kinda private person look around easy to see why!I have emailed Trump on crime in my town,Purdue University and I-65 corridor so gangs and drugs all over!Had contacted local police to report and they hung up on me!Contacted Joe Donnelly etc Indiana and notta! Have had small aircraft out of Purdue airport constantly following me,not paranoid never had them fly over my house several times a day before! On 4th July they flew over with lights and so low and so often even my brother noticed,I didn’t tell him a thing!I’ve had LPD follow me shopping,hardware clerks walk up and check contents of my cart as I shopped etc!Weird times!I am a decorated Cold War USAF vet!Promoted to NCO by base commander and USAF chief of staff in 1983,awards ceremony etc was private and details are still classified!Most think I am crazy when I say,so I haven’t even spoken of it for years because of that!Oh and not bragging,the absolute best folks I have ever met served with me back then and I would be doing a Big disservice to them by lying!That said,I am in Florida visiting folks and still have small aircraft hovering overhead,been here before and never had this!So whatever is up with our country right now ya got me!Not a nut the USAF had me tested,ha ha ha!Well I cannot begin to tell All of You how much I appreciate All that You are doing for the cause of FREEDOM and this the Greatest country the World has ever known bar none!May God Himself bless All of You in Your Walk with LIFE!

    2. I worry also… but if SS knows his name is out there, then it will be less likely something will happen to him.

  2. When is Strunk going to give us an update on his Secret Service meeting? The anticipation is killing me!

  3. Oh you guys…I really think Michael Pence is behind this. Pence was in charge of fixing our election. He fixed it, didn’t he?.
    My guess? That great body of work never made it to #POTUS, or any other White Hat.

    1. Potus loves to shake the hand of loyal patriots while on visits etc . Perfect opportunity to say something direct would you not think?

  4. Was the original Secret Service agent real?? If so, was Trump’s pick of Nielson for Homeland Security a good choice?? Perhaps Donahue was reassigned to the local graveyard!

    Also, Cook’s question about Chris’s favorite hunting spot sounds like a threat, as you have mentioned. I don’t think Chris should meet anyone alone. He needs backup!

    Please be careful!

  5. Do not trust KN at all. Things removed from President Trump’s desk point directly at HER. If this is Kelly’s girl. then HE needs to be scrutinized.

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