How banksters and lawyers are stealing homes from Americans

Douglas Gabriel interviews two victims of mortgage fraud and explains how the cabal is creating digital records of mortgage deeds in a convoluted lawyer-scheme to steal your home.  If you have a mortgage, this is a MUST listen and read.

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Has your mortgage been stolen right under your nose?


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The guests also recommended the movie The Big Short

7 thoughts on “How banksters and lawyers are stealing homes from Americans”

  1. The problem is, there is no authority that you can go to that will enforce the law because the corruption goes all the way to the top with the “government” being the actual principal in all this, all others including the “banks,” “trustees,” “investors” and “servicers” are all undisclosed sub-agents of agents of the government Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with MERS as the mechanism. Lobbyists, lying lawyers, politicians and judges are all part of the felonious corruption with the capital of the largest crime syndicate and racketeering enterprise the world has ever known located in Washington D.C..

    Moreover, if you look deep enough into each State’s title laws, you will find that the “State” owns ALL the property and we ONLY own a “bundle of rights” to use the property as long as we knuckle down, pay our taxes and fees or they’ll take it away from you anyway.

    I’ve been fighting ours for 10 years now and have worked as a litigation consultant and paralegal on foreclosure cases for clients for 10 years as well and can tell you, there is no “rule of law,” “due process,” or “Constitutional protections” when it comes to real property in this Country.

    As an example, virtually all “mortgages” involved with MERS end up “bundled” with these phony “REMIC trusts” who have pursuant to the IRS are tax avoided and bankruptcy remote. However, of all those cases I know about and have been involved with, the so-called “trust” the “mortgage” was “sold” to, has shown to not exist as named in “assignments;” each of which is supposed to be listed and comply with IRS guidelines to maintain REMIC status, even if originally elected or not. This means, the IRS could go after all these trusts and collect on the 100% tax liability that is involved when not complying with REMIC rules. So far, there hasn’t been one I know of which if pursued by the IRS as arm of the government would shut down the entire fraudulent process. Won’t happen because the government is involved. I’ve got the paperwork showing the connection in our own case and others which is available through assignment and assumption agreements listed with Treasury Dept.. So, there is documentation available for all this fraud but the courts are all part of it. There is no place to go for relief.

    Indeed, the judges are in on all this and part of the corruption which is actually at the end of the day, misprision of felony and ultimately treason.

    Look at what happens when you buck the corrupt system… remember Lavoy Finicum!

    1. I was victimized this way in my home state of NJ. What I discovered was that all of the legislators are invested in Sec 8 housing where the tax payers line their pockets with Sunshine Pensions while we pay the rents for their imported tenants. I would never buy a home again.

      1. I did some research a few years ago into judges in California, where I’ve worked on cases and have our own property still in litigation. I found that judges’ pensions were tied up in CalPers who at the time I did the investigation, had about a 40% investment in mortgage bonds. Getting a “fair trial” or any trial at all in California is virtually impossible. There has been only one I’m aware of since this debacle started.

        Judges, politicians, lawyers, “banks” and the Government are all involved in the largest fraud in history. No rule of law, no constitutional protections and no due process. Too much money in foreclosures.

        And… it continues…

  2. The so called judges should be asked WHERE IS THEIR OATH OF OFFICE( to defend the constitution AGAINST ALL ENEMIES BOTH FOREIGN ANNNND DOMESTIC)? Which law is the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND? What courts are THE ONLY CONSTITUTIONALLY MANDATED COURTS? A(ARTICLE 111) courts!! Ask if they are an article three court ON THE RECORD. ANYTIME YOU FIGURE OUT THE FRAUD THAT IS THE TIME YOU MAY CLAIM AND CHARGE THE JUDGE with TREASON 20 years for subversion of the people!!!

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