Robotic Cabbies Ready to Take Clueless Sheeple Over the Digital Tyranny Cliff

We saw a Waymo in our neighborhood today and were shocked to see how far the globalists have come in rolling out the next phase of their digital tyranny plan. W O K E patriots will avoid this driverless trap that could wind up locking you in and driving you straight to the FEMA re-education camp if your DRAGONFLY social credit score isn’t high enough for the controllers.

Just ask the Uyghur people in China where social credit scoring and transportation restrictions are a perfect combination for genocide.

Uyghur Muslims: Victims of the World’s Largest Ethnic Cleansing

Waymo One, the groundbreaking self-driving taxi service, explained

Now listen to Betsy and Thomas (the first 10 minutes of this audio) explain what Waymo is really about….

‘Way mo’ control over your freedom of movement

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