Amy Berman Jackson is a Mueller Protégé

Amy Berman Jackson is a judge you need to know about. She is a deep state swamp bottomfeeder who does the bidding of her master Robert Mueller. Listen to Douglas describe her situation, then go to the headline links below to pick up more intel.

Get the word out to your social media. This is the judge that is ruling on Paul Manafort and Roger Stone. They need your help.

Amy Berman Jackson is a Mueller Protege


ALERT: Judge Amy Berman Jackson hides massive Clinton Foundation conflicts of interest inside her mutual funds

Judge Amy Berman Jackson is a Corrupt Mueller ‘Witch Hunter’ Coming for Roger Stone


Here is a flashy poster to send around to your networks:

Amy Berman Jackson Flier

2 thoughts on “Amy Berman Jackson is a Mueller Protégé”

  1. One has to consider at this point in exposing the Deep State, that all decisions and rulings made by these conflicted Judges must be subject to review and be questioned. How many lives have been ruined by these agents of evil. Something must be done to eliminate any conflicts of interest and biases. An appointment for life to serve and dispense justice to the people should not be salable item. For far to long Justice has been bought and sold. When accepting such an honorable position within our governing structure, it should be done as a service to others not a ride towards easy street. My suggestion for consideration would be that any person willing to accept such a prestigious position for life should dissolve any and all outside financial holdings be restricted from corporate investments and accept to live their lives on the salaries that are given to them by the people. Serving the country should be exactly that and that sometimes entails sacrifice. It must be evident that which we currently have is an untenable situation that must be corrected.

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