Dear AG William Barr,

Calling on all patriots! 

We need y’all to get your keyboards ready and make sure the WiFi is 4 bars. We need to welcome Mr. William Barr to his new job. Please read our sample letter below and use it or construct one of your own.

We don’t want him to waste our time, so let’s make sure he knows what we do so that he can decide if he will go down in history as a hero, or a traitor.

Here is how to reach him:

william barr ag

Click here:

Welcome to your new job AG Barr. Just a reminder that you work for We the People and we want to make sure you have as much information as we all do out here.

Get the big picture of how the swamp operates at Use the search bar to find the crime and the criminal.

Then go to to get all the indictable evidence you need to put away everybody, from Hillary to Soros.

In case you need a map of the swamp, here you go:

Good luck. We need a hero, not another traitor.



It’s time for We the People to launch an information nuke into the swamp. Make sure your circle of influence fires away, too. Fire it as many times as you need.

We made it so simple, you don’t even have to leave your keyboard to fire your shot. Weaponize your smart phone while you are at it!

After you send Bill Barr’s info bomb, how about lodging the same one into your Representatives’ and Senators’ email boxes? Yes, YOU can be an information warrior!

Contact Any Congressperson

information warriors educate congress

Citizens spent over 18 years to compile this huge trove of information, evidence, and reporting so that you could use it as a modern day weapon to defeat the criminal enemies of America. Do your part TODAY.

Do not let the men and women who fought for our country to have died in vain because you were too lazy to send a blast of emails to D.C.

Truth-BombGet your keyboard out, your cut and paste hand ready….and lodge a few information bombs in the enemy camp.

Don’t stop until the swamp is clean.

Make sure they all get the message that We the People are sick and tired of their criminality and immorality.


Corruptocrat poster also available in these formats:

It’s Time. Pitchforks and Torches

Patriots launch shock and awe into the swamp

AIM 4 Truth PNG

AFI logo

7 thoughts on “Dear AG William Barr,”

  1. Excellent as always. The information is all there for all Americans to see. Thanks for all your help and hard work and yes I will write Mr Barr a letter. As we all should set our expectations out there for him to see just exactly how we feel about what has been going on. And, that it is now in his power as well as his responsibility to do so…

  2. I did at you requested in writing to AG but preceded it with my words as follows as I cannot help but to feel very suspicious of his intentions based on his associations you have outlined as well as others.

    You have a history of friendship with Mueller who has been shown with facts to be treasonous or seditious covering up Uranium One deal with Clinton’s, Russia, judges, etc… He is conducting an expensive witch hunt and complicit in an attempt to remove our duly elected President, Donald Trump from office seeking crimes that have no merit in lieu of prosecuting crimes that do. Knowing of your friendship and the evil deeds of Mueller, I can not help to wonder whether you are a Trojan horse. Patriots will be watching carefully the actions you take on behalf or preserving our Republic and eliminating its seditious and treasonous actors.

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