Crown Agent Saboteurs Busted

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Readers of the American Intelligence Media and Americans for Innovation know where all this is headed – right into the heart of the Queen’s Privy Council. Conclave researcher John Barnwell provides an update on the British saboteurs who have been working with Senior Executive Service and Crown Agent operatives to overthrow Donald Trump.

POTUS doesn’t just casually tweet. His tweets are information weapons. What missile did he launch with the tweet above? Why was it launched a day after accepting the Queen’s invitation for a state visit? Get to know the British actors and you will be ahead of any news narrative- propaganda or independent – as the the next chapter of the Trump overthrow attempt begins to unfold.

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Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie, founder and chairman of Cambridge Analytica and parent SCL Group (Strategic Communications Laboratories); co-founder with George Soros of the Open Society Foundation.

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Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) at Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). Saunders’ American assets, the Ohrs, Strzok, Comey, Mueller, Lynch, Page, McCabe, etc. were committing treason, and the Queen’s Privy Council was anxious to make sure they would execute on the plan to frame the Trump campaign with their phony Steele “dirty dossier.”

Alison Saunders, CB, the Queen’s top prosecutor came to dinner at Bruce and Nellie Ohr’s home four days before the infamous Trump Tower meeting.

Election interference by a Queen’s agent is espionage and for the Americans who helped is treason.

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Christopher Steele evidently took orders from the Queen’s Privy Council brainwashing chief Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie—founder and chairman of Cambridge Analytica and parent SCL Group who told The Guardian (2005) their mission was psyop “mindbending for political purposes.”

The Crown appears to both direct and shill for the U.S. Senior Executive Service (SES), Serco, Crown Agents, Rio Tinto, Urenco, Uranium One, Lockheed Martin, The Aerospace Corporation, BAE, OPIC, USAID, USTDA, MCC, DoD, State Dept, Patent Office, Commerce Dept, HHS, DOE, DoE, NSA, C.I.A., FBI, DOJ, TheCityofLondonUK, Gates Foundation, GSC, Wall Street and Silicon Valley Too incredible to be true? We thought so to, but the facts say otherwise.

Steve Bannon: So tell me, given his relationship to Cambridge Analytica, what’s so great about Steve Bannon? Clue: “The Great Game” as the Brits fondly call it, is about a marked propensity to play both ends against the middle (like when Baron Rothschild & Co. funded both Britain and France during the Napoleonic Wars. As they say: “No matter who loses, we win.”

History Lesson: On Dec. 09, 1916, new British Prime Minister David Lloyd George formed a five-person War Cabinet. Since then, The Crown has made Russia the brunt of their machinations going back to the British War Cabinet failing to provide promised military assistance to Russian Czar Nicholas II – King George’s cousin. This resulted in the Bolshevik Revolution within three weeks of War Cabinet Lord Alfred Milner’s return to London from Russia; where he failed to provide Russia the needed resources that the British government had already approved. Vladimir Lenin had just made his banker-financed and visa-waived train trip by sealed train through war time Germany back to St. Petersberg (Petrograd) from Switzerland during the Russian Revolution of 1917. Lenin immediately arranged the execution of the Czar and his family (Jul. 17, 1917) as one of his first acts of treachery.

Also of interest:

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Sir Nick Clegg, Lord President Queen’s Privy Council (2010-2015), Facebook Vice-President of Global Affairs and Communications. Sir Nick directed the world’s top propagandists at SCL (Strategic Communications Laboratories aka Cambridge Analytica).

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Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, directs the One-World-Government Globalist takeover of America by the Queen’s Privy Council.

He rigs elections from Venezuela & Estonia to USA.

He rigs electronic voting machines owned by him, George Soros and Mitt Romney.

He controls the U.S. Senior Executive Service (SES).

Presented by J.B.

Note: This is merely a thumbnail sketch of the tireless contributions of far too many people to name; Nonetheless, I wish to credit Douglas and Tyla Gabriel and the Conclave at American Intelligence Media, Michael McKibben and associates at Americans4Innovation and Field McConnell and friends at Abel Danger – with the end result of making me look much smarter than I really am…



Note to readers. As more veils are lifted in our search for full disclosure and ultimate truth, you will discover many more foreign actors that were involved in the overthrow attempt of Donald Trump. And don’t think for one minute that they aren’t gearing up for a final shot at him when he visits the Queen in June.

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Andrew Wood
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Arvinder Sambei
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Rob Goldstone
Policy Exchange Malcom Turnbull 10/07/17
Alexander Downer (Australia)
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Stefan ‘the Walrus’ Halper
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Robert Hannigan

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